Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Our Baby is 10 today!

Where DOES the time go? It doesn't seem 10 years ago that I was given this precious little bundle to look after. It doesn;t seem like 10 years ago that I worried that I didn't have enough love in me to share with another little one and would I be enough of a Mum for her?

Well that little bundle has grown in a beautiful little lady, who has a kind heart and a biiiig personality. She is full of warmth and love and lots of mischief and I wouldn't want her any other way. Sometimes she frustrates the life out of me, but most of the time she makes me laugh....until sometimes i nearly cry. She dances and spins and sings and bounces around from the time she gets up til the time she goes to bed...and I love her so much for it.

Happy 10th Birthday my Little Sweetpea....we love you.....xxxxxxxxxx


  1. Oh Anita - what gorgeous pics!
    Hope she had a fab day :D
    Hugs x

  2. Happy 10th Birthday - your Mum sounds so proud of you and rightly so! You are a beautiful young lady ;-)

    Well done Anita for nurturing and moulding your little "baby" into what sounds like the ideal daughter!

    Sarah x

  3. Happy Birthday, hope you have a fabulous day and are thoroughly spoilt :)

  4. You're so right Anita - where does the time go? It is so frightening. Ten years old - another milestone. Well done x