Friday, 27 August 2010

The Cherry On Top!

I feel so lucky.......I have been awarded this lovely Cherry On Top Award, not once, but twice in a couple or so days...from 2 very lovely a heartfelt THANK YOU to both Sarah and also Sheleen for bestowing this kind award on me. Please take the time to visit these lovely ladies blogs and see their wonderful creations...its well worth it and I always find it a real pleasure.

Now, there are a few things I have to do now upon accepting this kind award.

1). To thank the lovely ladies who awarded it to me....yep, done that :)

2). Pop the given award onto my blog.....Yep, there it is ^^^, worn with pride :)

3). I must list 3 things about goes.

:- I am a Big Brother fan...I just LOVE it! Yes I know its car crash tv and each year I say " I am so NOT going to get sucked in by it!"....but guess what? i DO lol!!! And I am already starting to suffer withdrawal symptoms now that its all over ( except for the celebs bit and I am bored with that already!)

:- I am scared of the dark.....amongst other things....and trees( well woods to be precise), so if you put the 2 together it's not a good place for me to be!

:- I cannot wait for the winter to arrive...I just ADORE being cold, I love frosty mornings and I really enjoy being out and about with my camera and capturing some shots. Don't get me wrong, the summer is nice for going out, but I really don't like being hot...there is nothing nicer than being cold and then snuggling up in a layers of warm jumpers or a thick fluffy duvet.

4). Post a picture that I love.......jeez, I have hundreds and hundreds....but let's go with this one.

I know its a bit of a cop out, but, its got something of everything that I love... my family!

5). And lastly, I need to pass this award onto some other lovely ladies whose blogs hold something I know the rules say 5....but...I have a few more lol. So, here they are....... and the awards are sent with lots of love

Lynn Jo Linda

Karen Jill Liz

Jakey Sarah Karen

so there we go...all done....Thanks again Sheleen and Sarah, I am chuffed to bits with my awards..xxxx


  1. What a fantastic montage! Love your photographs :)

    Awarded the Cherry On Top twice... it just doesn't surprise me at all - so well deserved :)

  2. Love the collection of photos Anita...and Thanks for the to post :)

  3. Love the photo collage Anita and thank you so much for the award, I will put it on my blog next week.

  4. Well done on the double cherries!

    Great photos hun, love them all!

    Sarah x

  5. A well deserved award again!

    Thanks for sharing :)