Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A Birthday Bouquet with a difference!

Yesterday(21st) was my Birthday( yes that's right...I was 30!he!he!he!)and after having the most wonderful weekend away with my lovely crafty friends( which I shall blog another day) and being given the most beautiful cards and wonderful gifts, I came home to my lovely family and was presented with this!
Can you imagine being given something that looks this good AND tastes divine!!!!
Once again my amazingly talented Sister has excelled herself ( thank you so much Hun (((hugs))) ) . This bouquet was all wrapped in pink tissue and cellophane and stood in a vase....and its all sparkly and glittery too!

The cakes are on long stems and some are vanilla sponge and some are strawberry flavour ( apologies for the difference in colour between the photos)
Aren't they absolutely fabulous? And don't they just look too flipping good to eat! Thank you sooooooo much Dooey, you are such an inspiration to me....aswell as the bestest kid Sister in the world ;)

And aswell as giving me something that was sweet.....she also gave me something savoury too!!!!!!

My absolute FAVOURITE things........ SPROUTS!

Love em!.......xxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Happy birthday for yesterday! I love love love your flower cupcakes, your sister is very clever, can I be her friend too? my birthday is september!!!

    As for the sprouts? NO COMMENT!

    Z xxx

  2. LOL @sprouts - fab!!!!!

    Wow those cakes are amazing - your sister is so talented!!

    Karen x

  3. Beautiful cakes and what a novel idea!
    Love the sprouts too :)

  4. Been looking forward to seeing these flower cakes, fantastic, what a great sister you have. ....And sprouts too!

  5. OMG! Fantastic cakes! What a talented sister you have. Happy birthday for yesterday xx

  6. A belated Happy Birthday hun!!! Love the cakes but have to say that I prefer sprouts LOL!!!! xx

  7. Wow those cakes are stunning - Donna is so clever and patient. What a good idea too, putting long stems on them. How original. Lucky you. xx