Monday, 5 September 2011

Off she went!.....and a little something for Zoe!

Oh my was Chloe's first day at Secondary School today **gulp!**, she looked soooo grown up in her blazer, tie etc ( I nearly shed a tear!!!). Well, she came home having had a super day and very much looking forward to tomorrow thank goodness ( although she WAS tired lol). So now all I need to do is try and find her photo from her 1st day at school at Primary and see if I can make a layout :)
I hope anyone else out there with 'big school newbies' have had the same positive response :)

And here is something that was made especially for a lovely friend who sadly wasn't feeling too great at the weekend and couldn't come to crop with us.
It's Zoe's birthday later this month so I made her a choccywoccyfudgywudgybirthdaycakey as a surprise, complete with bunting and celebratory Sprout :D, sadly she wasn't there to have some :( and she was sorely missed.
Linda also made some absolutely scrumptious Lemon Surprise Cupcakes and OMG they were to die for!! Really sorry you missed those too Zoe.

( this little fella kinda looks like he is ready to do some mud-wrestling!!)

Hmmmmm, guess I shall just HAVE to make another one for next time eh ;)


  1. Glad Chloe had a good day and that cake look delishhhhhhhhhhhhh. yummmmmmm.

  2. I am so gutted that I missed this absolute feast! I'm so touched that you went to all that trouble. I am also gutted to miss lemon cupcakes!:( missed you all!!!
    Chloe looks so smart, pleased she had a good day x

  3. So pleased Chloe had a fab first day. That cake was delicious. Looking forward to getting together again very soon. x

  4. She looks sooo grown up - and Zoe how could you miss that lush looking cake.....esp with the topping ;)

  5. Awww, so grown up.
    Cake was fab too! :)