Sunday, 15 January 2012

We blew the cobwebs away!

We did indeed! After sorting things out at home this morning, we thought it would be a great idea to go for a walk around Arlington Reservoir
It was a beautiful day....... blue sky with a few wispy clouds....but my god was it cold!!!!!
So we bundled up with lots of layers and headed up to the Reservoir( that's the South Downs you can see in the background....just beautiful!)

Lauren, just after we set off from the car park.

On the first memorial bench we came to we saw this wreath, still there from Christmas and left in memory of a loved one.

Chloe was also taking some snaps on our way round.

I loved the colour and texture of this moss/algae growing on the fence.

Since our last visit up here there has been quite a lot of work carried out. Lots of new fencing has appeared and there has been a lot of new planting done aswell.

Strolling along we saw this sign.....

which Lauren took as a direct order....and of course she obeyed.

Once we were on the far side of the Reservoir there is a wall that you can climb over to get on the embankments and Chloe went down onto them. the level of the water is dreadfully low already and the water-board are already on drought alert :(.
Chloe found lots and lots of shells on the embankment, some that were still joined together.

We also saw some signs of Spring coming along, namely the Catkins....although Lauren thought they would make a great pair of Pat Butcher earrings!

We also saw quite a few berries in various patches along the trail, I guess the birds are quite well provided for this year which is good :)

This is all Lauren's fault! She decided the Reservoir wall would be a great place to plank

and so Dale and Chloe decided to join her!

This was just the start of the mucking around....and soon they were all on top form!

People must have thought we were mad!!! Well, those 3 anyway lol!
There was just NO stopping them.

I have to say though, it was really lovely to just get out, walk and get totally blown to bits in the bracing breeze....and it not cost a penny! We had a lovely time, a good laugh and best of all it was quality time together.
I hope you have had a lovely Sunday too?


  1. Looks like you had a fab time and some great photos for your layouts too

    Karen x

  2. You have a lovely family Anita I love that your girls still enjoy just going out in the "wild" with you and not want to be glued to a screen of one type or another x

  3. Loving it!

    Great photos to scrap there :)

  4. Looks like a great walk Anita and you got some super photos. I can't wait to see the layouts and titles you come up with using some of those last few photos LOL.