Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Olympic Torch Relay.......

So....we have spent this afternoon on the VERY windy seafront at Eastbourne, to see a little bit of history being created as the Olympic Torch Relay passed through the the town on its journey. We arrived very early to try and secure a good spot to see it pass......and after a very short time of being there we were all given these inflatable blue sausages that we could bang together ( instead of clapping I guess lol)

This was still 2 hrs before the torch was arriving.....looks fairly quiet doesn't it.....that didn't last long I can tell you. A little while after this shot, hoardes of people arrived....and some just pushed infront of the children.....gits!!!

We had a nice warm cuppa and my Sister popped hers on the floor for a few mins to cool a bit. She suddenly let out a loud * Eeeewwwwwwww* and laughed. When I looked to see what she was laughing at, there was a false nail sitting right near her cuppa LOL.( I guess we should be grateful that there was no finger attached!!!)

These guys kept bombing too and fro up the seafront dishing out the blue air sausages.

                          ..............................Lots of men in uniform ;).....................................
                     and lots and LOTS of people all over the road, waiting to see the torch!

.........................Mum!!!! Forget about the torch!! I WANT my milk! Far more important.........

here it is!!!!!! Nope.....its just a police car pretending to be a torch bearer......swines!

This was one of the relay coaches. Look at the brand spanking new torches in there, just waiting to be lit and sent on their way! ( shame about the reflections in the window though :( )

At last!!!! After the long wait, we were rewarded with a glimpse of the torch ( there IS a flame on top....honest!!!)

And with that......he was gone! ( check out all those people in the background! That is a roundabout they are stood on!!!)

We then went into Princes Park where there were various stalls, attractions and radio broadcastings going on. There was a huge group of people in one area and we heard that one of the earlier torch bearers was there and you could see his torch....so off we went and after a fair wait and a lot of squirming to get a closer look, we were rewarded with this shot ( ok, so its not the best ever shot of Lauren maybe, rather windswept lol) BUT it is a little bit of history....and something we will probably NEVER be lucky enough to see again....let alone be able to actually touch.Fantastic!!!

It was manic trying to get off of the parking field and we just sat in the car for about an hour watching everyone else struggling to get out.....why do most drivers not have the manners to give way to each other???? things would run so much more smoothly if they did and people would be on their jounreys a lot quicker!

Anyway, if the torch comes near you, I hope you get chance to pop along and see it too.....despite the long wait and the very windy weather, I have to say it was well worth it.

Warmest wishes
Anita xxx


  1. Super photos Anita and it looks like the weather stayed dry for you. Looks like there was a good atmosphere with the crowds.

  2. Sounds like you had a good time. Our turn on Sunday. xxx

  3. Looks like a fab day Anita, hoping to crash with Lynn on Sunday to see it as can't stand for long on my leg :(

  4. Great pic's.... sounds like you made a real day of it!
    I was playing in my band (Salvation Army) at Hove Park when the torch came through. We just finished playing when it was about to come through. I managed to see it..... but someone waved a green ribbon right in front of my lens as I took my shot :o(
    Sandra x