Tuesday, 8 January 2013

First walk of the year...(photo heavy!!)

After having lots of illness in our house over Christmas holidays and all the bad weather too we hadn't had chance to go out for a nice stroll anywhere....so on Sunday we drove down to Hampden Park and walked around the lake, feeding the ducks, geese....and pesky seagulls!

 Check out this knarly seagull, he really thought he should have that bit of bread!

It was so nice to see the signs of new life emerging from underneath the crispy, dead leaves.

                                 Hmmm.......I wonder if this fella takes any notice of the signs???

These bull rushes reminded me of the one attempt I made at cooking on a barbeque....the sausages looked VERY much like that LOL!!!!

As it was Sunday I was planning a roast for dinner.......he!he!he! Roast potatoes anyone?? ;)

I found this tiny little fella down inside a rotting fence post....so delicate...yet strong at the same time.

                                                                         Muddy Toes!

Some Daddy Daughter time xx


                                                  One thing there was plenty of.....MUD!

In various places around the lake we came across trees that were decorated with all sorts of Christmas decs....some only had tinsel, some just ribbons and some with baubles too. One was even covered with cuddly toy santa's, Christmas bears, tinsel, baubles and angels.....each tree was remembering someone special who is no longer here....so sad and poignant...but pretty and special.

So that was our first little walk of 2013...hopefully there will be lots more....and I promise to try to not bore you with too many photos lol. xxx


  1. loved all your photos...not bored . at all
    Sorry to hear Christmas wasn't healthy ((( hugs)))

  2. Super photos Anita. Looks like a nice place for a walk. Hope you're all fit and well now.

  3. Great photos - wait to see them appear on pages soon x