Friday, 15 March 2013

One Year.......

.....52 weeks.......365 Days........that is how long it is since I was able to hold your hand, or give you a hug....share a joke....bring you a sneaky sandwich! All that time has gone by....slipped away....just like you. And who says it gets easier??? Because I haven't seen or felt it get any easier so far Daddy. We miss you so much and even though its a blessing that you are not suffering or in pain anymore, it hasn't made it easier to accept. What I wouldn't give to be able to come and see you.... just one more time.....Love you xxxx forever in our thoughts and always ALWAYS in our hearts xxx

                                                              27.04.1939 - 15.03.2012


  1. So sorry for your loss Anita :-(
    It doesn't get easier but it does become different. Hopefully in time the happy memories will take over from the feeling of loss. One year is a very short time after so many together. Lau xx

  2. some days it still hurts as much as though it was only last month that we lost you Daddy...... :( Love and miss you so much xxx