Sunday, 26 January 2014

a little sneak for Feb......if there is anybody there.......

Helllooooooo *echoes* there anybody there????? here is a little sneak for the Feb challenge over at Scrapology....the full reveal of all the DT work will be on Feb 1st....and we would love to have you visit the team blog and join in the challenge :)

is there anyone out there floating by my little blog at all these days? I often think I am just talking to myself lol xxx


  1. I'm here Anita. Can you see me waving?

    I often pop in - I'll leave a comment next time so you don't think I'm sneaking around :)


  2. Hi Gilly *waves*....LOL, thank you for your comment. I don't mind people not leaving comments really, I just thought if no one passes through anymore then its not really worth me putting anything on here that's all :). See you soon Lovely lady xxx

  3. I have seen the real thing and can tell you all you will love this layout. It's a fab page Anita.

    I know what you mean about the blogging, feels like there is no one around if you go by messages, yet there have been lots of people reading. It is good to comment so the bloggers get some feedback.
    Lynn x

  4. Thank you Lynn xxx I must admit that since joining FB I don;t post as much on here as I used to, also I guess i started losing the will when I realised that no one was coming here anyway lol xxx

  5. Awww.... we're here :)
    You have lots of followers Anita, do you check your blogger stats. My blog views always go up when I've posted in the Blog-a-thon thread on UKS, even if most people don't comment, Lynn said -folk are reading xx
    Karen x

  6. Thank you Karen.....I know you are right....think I am just a bit sensitive at the mo lol xxx