Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A Lovely Award

Hello blogging friends....

sorry I haven't been about for a bit!

I have been bestowed this lovely award by a very lovely blogging friend of mine SARAH. Check out her wonderful blog, its full to the brim of inspiration and beautiful creations to look at. Thank you so much Sarah, I am thrilled to have been given this Hun, thank you for your ongoing friendship and warmth..xxx

Right then, now there are some rules I need to follow

* Thank the person who gave it to you...... have done that now. :)
* Tell seven things about yourself......ooooer, shall have to think hard on that one!! LOL
* Pass the award of to five other bloggers who you think are fantastic...... right! off to do that now!

Okey dokey, here we go then......
I would like to pass this award onto these 5 lovely ladies. They are all very lovely friends, each one creates THE most beautiful cards and layouts and they all inspire me. I am very grateful to be able to say that they are my friends and I love nothing more than when we all get chance to get together in real life either at crops or our annual retreat.
So here we are Lynn, Linda, Karen, Liz and Jill....this award is for you!

Right, I need to go to the dentists in a couple of minutes for a crown fitting YUK! So I will pop back later and try and think of 7 things that I can blog about myself.......

ok, back again....right then, let me think............................ok, here are 7 things about me ( hope I don't bore you too much lol)

1. I do NOT like dentists! I know I am a grown woman, but I admit I am terrified of them AND I resent paying for pain. This mornings visit did nothing to help on either of those issues!

2. I have size 10 feet!!! Yep, I did say size 10.....I was 5ft 11" and had size 9 feet by the age of 13, shoe buying used to be a nightmare and my parents used to have to take me to Croyden to get my shoes boot and sandals. Its a bit easier nowadays but still creates a nightmare.....so just give me an empty shoe box, some laces and some cellotape and I will happily fashion myself some footwear LOL( not forgetting of course the addition of blossoms and some bling! LOL

3. I think John Travolta is absolutely gorgeous and would love to be stranded on a desert island with him.....and Keanu Reeves, Christian Slater, Gerard Butler....and Freddy Starr ( what can I say? I just love a man who makes me laugh!)

4. I am 100% petrified of moths *shudders* just at the mention of them. I do not know why they exist? They are of no use for anything and are horrible.....and make a mess on the wall when you swat them!

5. I crave salt! I know its really bad for me.....but I have even been known to make a little pile in the palm of my hand and then lick my finger and keep dipping in it and licking it off till its gone.....I can't believe I have just typed that out loud!!! I used to even hide a salt pot in my office drawer at work for just such a craving!

6. I used to decorate goose eggs! Some were cut in half and then I added little hinges, lined them with satin, blinged up the outside and made little jewellery boxes. Others could be used as cake toppers etc.

7. When I was younger I always ALWAYS wanted to fly in a Red Arrow. I even wrote to Jim'll Fix It in the hope that he would fix it for me to do so....alas he never did! I still get a thrill now when we are lucky enough to watch them perform over the seafront at Eastbourne in the summer. I get a real buzz of adrenalin when they whizz past and you hear the roar of the jet engines....I also love the Harrier and Jaguar jets too ( not to mention the lovely men in uniform ;) )

so there you go....7 things about me. Hope I haven't made you fall asleep on your keyboard!/xxxx


  1. Thanks Anita. That is very kind of you.
    Richard is addicted to salt to and does the same thing as you. Now thats 2 weird people I know lol.

  2. Thanks Hun, opposite to salt addiction here, the opposite actually, I avoid it! Will give this some thought. Lynn xxx

  3. Thanks Anita, I dont like salt either :)