Friday, 24 September 2010

I can feel it....coming in the air......

and i LOVE it!......autumn that is....yep, my very favourite season of the year.....
This morning was really the first time I have had a real sense of it....there was definately a little *nip* there and the lovely smells that come along with autumn are just starting ( no, its not sprouts!!!) I cannot wait for the glorious golds, coppers and bronzes to appear in the hedgerows and trees......and the conkers with their mahogany skins, hiding under fallen leaves like hidden treasure for us to find.....jeez I just love this time of year.

I came home yesterday morning to see these beautiful spiders webs in the back garden, the dew hung on them like minature gems and made them into crystal chandaliers....absolutely gorgeous ( having said that i do NOT like the clever little beasts that made them.....eeeeeeeeeeeewwwww!)

and talking of eeeewwwww.....just look at these horrid little blighters.....YUK!....and more to the point...what ARE they doing? Anyone know? Or should I not ask????? See that huuuuuuge gelatinous globule thingy in the middle???? What do ya think that is???? Makes me shudder to even think lol. Anyway, answers on a postcard please!

and just check out that big old hole in the side of the slugs head!! Well, I *think* its it head....eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww!

Right, I am going to take some more pills....I am suffering from earrache and a sore throat and have been for a few days :(, I thought it was starting to go, but it seems to have flared up more this afternoon....ho hum! I am hoping to finish a new class page tonight, so maybe I will show you a little sneaky peek over the weekend....have a lovely evening.....

Warmest wishes Anita...xxxxx


  1. Get well soon Anita!! I too LOVE autumn, I wouldn't mind having autumn all year round, I walked the scenic route on the way home today and picked up some gorgeous shiney conkers ;-) must remember to hand them over to the kids haha!

    Ewww @ those slugs, I don't even want to know what they were doing, if they were making baby slugs then that should be outlawed lol!

    Sarah x

  2. Awww Anita, hope you feel better soon (((huggs)))

    Yuck to the spiders and slugs......

    Still have a conker in my jean jacket pocket that hit me on the foot last year lol!

  3. Hope you feel better soon Anita, I too love autumn,I feel the need to light the fire soon:-)
    Thanks for your comments too xx

  4. Yes I think it is on it's way too. Beautiful spider's webs...the first is like a butterfly. Get well soon :) {hugs}

  5. Its getting crips and cool. I love it too. Hope you feel better soon hun. x