Saturday, 9 October 2010

Pumpkin Posse

Today we have been to our local Pick Your Own. Sharnfold farm is not far away from us and each year we trundle down there to visit the pumpkin patch and take our annual photos. This year the harvest hasn;t been quite as good, but there were still quite a few to see luckily. Normally there is a huuuuuge great big display of the various pumpkins, squashes and gourds
at the entrance to the shop and there was a nice display, but not as many as usual by this time.

Even though a lot of the pumpkins have already been harvested there were still plenty out in the field and the kids have great fun running round the patch and checking them all out. I wasn't quite so brave as I had sandals on and was scared incase there were any snakes, lizards or other nasty things about.....not to mention prickley trailers, nettles and sludgey mud....yuk!

These two little herberts make quite a double act don't they!

Nooooo Josh! You are supposed to eat the lovely soft squishy part of the pumpkin....NOT the prickly leaves eeeeewwwwwwwww! Bless him...anyone would think his Mummy doesn't feed him!

My very lovely ( not to mention very talented) kid sister....complete with her gorgeous brood.

My favourite lil pumpkin in the whole patch! ( quite the regal wave he has going on there eh! LOL)

Oliver was so chuffed to find the largest pumpkins in the patch. Doesn't he look proud.

I thought Chloe looked nice and comfy perched between these 2 pumpkins....huge aren't they?

Holly was having fun finding the various different types of pumpkins and squashes( not sure what this one is....anyone know?).....hasn't this young lady got THE most beautiful eyes?

Chloe and Holly both found some ladybirds....unfortunately Holly's one flew away before I had chance to snap her. So this one became the entertainment for a few minutes....

he!he!he! I just LOVE Chloe's little freckles....especially over her nose....bless!

And to finish with, just take a look at this gorgeous, cheeky, handsome little fella....gosh i just want to take him home, snuggle him up and keep him....he is just SUCH a ray of sunshine and I love him to bits! Have you ever seen anyone soooo adorable?

I think I must be the luckiest Aunti....xxxxxxx


  1. Wow Anita, what fabulous photographs!
    Can't wait to see the LO :)


  2. Fabulous photos Anita!!! Looks like you all had fun.

    Jo xx

  3. GHreat photography Anita, as always. These will make some wonderful layouts. That a butternut squash BTW.

  4. awww great photos anita.....can't choose a fave, but love the one of josh (?) eating the leaf....looking forward to that lo :)

  5. Some fabulous photos there Anita.

  6. Wow Anita, looks like the kids had a FAB and fun time. Love all the kids aren't they just all gorgeous? You are right to be such a proud Aunty (and Mummy) ;-)

    Sarah x

  7. That pumpkin field looks amazing! Gorgeous photos!