Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Birthday to My Mum and happy halloween to you all!

Hello there....Happy Halloween to you all, I hope you have all had a suitably spooky evening so far.
Today also happens to be my dear Mum's HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, you very special and much loved mean the world to me, Dale and the girls and obviously also to Donna,Ian and the little ones xxxxxxxxx

Well yesterday Donna and Ian held a wicked halloween Birthday party, so i thought I would share a few....actually LOTS of photos with be prepared to be horrified lol, but also be prepared to laugh....cos I think you will...I just hope you won;t be bored with them have been warned!!!

so first of all let me set the scene with Lauren and Chloe's Pumpkins.....

Doesn't this make just the most divine family portrait?

The cutest little witch at the party, brewing up some magic for us all...

I was strangely attracted to this fella, i just wished he would clean his teeth a bit better....made me feel a bit queasy!

He even scared the young un's!

Here is Big Bones and his sidekick Lil Bones....

Me and my girly....she really needs to learn to apply her make up better don't you think?

My Sister made thia super birthday cake for our Mum....and all the little pumpkin biscuits round the bottom too.....delicious!!

Lauren and the birthday her necklace that she made from the little ones Hama beads.

the *Other* family Portrait! As you can see, they are a fine looking bunch too ( especially the teeniest,tiniest one!)

Good looks ( and teeth!) run in the family....who could resist a pair of hotties like these eh???

Right, thats it ( are you still awake or have your eyeballs dripped into the keyboard lol)....I need to climb the wooden hill and get some sleep....after having a lovely week of lay ins I have to revert to getting up at 3.30am in the morning....booooooooohooooo! But only for one day...then I have the rest of the week to enjoy again he!he!he!
Catch you soon
warmest wishes Anita..xxxx


  1. ROFL - what fab photos Anita - I look forward to seeing them all on layouts sometime soon.

    Karen xx

  2. How hilarious and you get more beuatiful by the day Anita.
    I am so sorry I forgot Dot's birthday. please wish her a belated Happy birthday from me and Richard

  3. These are fantastic Anita, I can't wait for the layouts you will be producing from these!! Looks like you all had a really super time. Enjoy the rest of the week off. xxx

  4. Brilliant photos Anita. I'm going to eagerly wait for the layouts too.

  5. Haha you look stunning!!! Amazing photos, looks like a scarily fab time was had by all!

    How yummy does that cake look?? I want one for my birthday!

    Sarah x