Monday, 13 December 2010

Guess who is ONE!!!!!!!

Where HAS the last year gone? It's flown by so very fast. This gorgeous little man was ONE on Saturday! It really doesn't seem that long ago that I had the pleasure of cuddling him for the first time.......he is just soooooooooo delightful, he really is!

Anyway, on Saturday he was One Year Old and as we couldn't make it to see him then we popped round yesterday for a belated celebration.

He is such a handsome little fella isn't he?

It is a family tradition that when our little ones celebrate their first birthday we give them a small chocolate gateau for the birthday cake...... so here it is Josh.....ENJOY! He was a little wary of it to start with.....but soon got stuck in!

He is SUCH a sweetheart and is happy to share bless him. Who could resist a bit of cake when its served so lovingly LOL.

Hang on Mum! I have got a little bot of chocolate on the back of my hand I think.....hang on! I will get it ;)

Cake???? Wot cake????? I haven't seen anything....and nobody can prove anything either ;)

He!He!He! Glad you find me entertaining ;)

Let's ALL worship the God Of Chocolate
....Raise your hands with me!!!!!!! he!he!he!

Happy First Birthday Little Man, you are such a treasure and I am so delighted to be your Aunti....xxxxxx
Love and cuddles from Aunti Neek....xxxxxx
p.s. I think I can feel a layout coming on from this!


  1. What lovely photos, and I thought I was brave giving mine a chocolate biscuit on their first! Can't wait to see the layouts!

  2. He is gorgeous. And you are evil making him eat this cake lol. He will not thank you when he is older and you embarrass him in front of his girlfriend

  3. OMG!!!! What a mess!!! But some fab photos can't wait to see them on a layout. So where did that year go, I swear it was only last month that you were posting the newborn photos of him.

    Karen x

  4. Fab photo's! Wow that has gone fast! (and the gateau) xxx