Sunday, 19 December 2010

OMG!!! How I blushed!!!!

OK, picture the scene.....
i come home after doing some shopping to find the postie has been...popped some letters through my door and a card to say he had a parcel, but it wouldn;t fit through the letter box so could i go and collect it after leaving a 4 hour gap. So I sat there wondering what it was.....what can it be and WHO has sent it?
I know I am not expecting anything and haven't ordered anything.
So.......I wait.....and I wait......and then, 4 hours later I arrive at our local parcel depot and I go inside to be greeted by a rather dashing young i give him my card and he disappears behind a wall for a few moments.

Then he returns....with a HUUUUUGE grin on his face....and he winks at me.....and i blush a little.....and that is when he said the words that will forever be etched in my mind.......

are you Anita 'SUPER SPROUT EATER' MacDonald?..........

With a blush as bright as the autumn sunset i muttered the words....'yes, that would be me'
( i think it actually came out as a strangled squeak!!!) and I grabbed the parcel most graciously and made a hasty exit!

I just KNEW as soon as he said those few words just WHERE the parcel was from.....and Missy....if you are reading this you will now know that you will forever more need to sleep with one eye open ;).....because revenge is a dish best served cold.....unlike sprouts! Having said that I am sure they are nice cold, dipped in chocolate and rolled in cocoa powder to make truffles........

The gauntlet is thrown down......mwahahahahahahaaaaaaa! I shall endeavour to make it my life's work to get you back he!he!he!( in the nicest possible way of and thank you very much for the parcel....its sitting nestled under our tree and will be carefully opened on Christmas morning....just incase it's booby trapped!

in the meantime feast your eyes on i wish we were having these at the dinner table on Christmas day....what fun!

Incase any of you were wondering....I just ADORE sprouts.....alas my hubby and girls detest them :( and I am not allowed to cook them along with our other in the freezer I have sat a lovely microwavable bowl of them.....thats supposed to be enough for 2 to 3 to share.....well it would be rude to leave any or throw them away wouldn't it? So think of me on Christmas day when I am sitting enjoying my delicious little green friends....and I hope you will all be enjoying yours too!

But watch out on Boxing Day!

Warmest wishes Anita..xxxxx


  1. Hahahahaha you made me really laugh with this one!!! Glad you made the postie happy too!

    Enjoy your sprouts Anita, I for one am with the rest of your family on the sprout detesting gang!

    Sarah x

  2. ROFL I am wailing with laughter here - I think I know too who has been sending you stuff - can't wait to hear how you get your revenge!!!!!

    I detest the little blighters too but R adores them - perhaps I should send him to yours on Christmas Day

    Karen x

  3. Oh no how awful who would do something so embarrasing!

  4. Lol! How funny :)

    I'm with you Anita, could eat the whole bowl full....

  5. LOL Anita.

    I saw this ( and thought of you.

  6. OOOOoooohhhh yummy! thanks for the link karen, that looks AND sounds delish!..xx

  7. LOL at you Anita. I will not be able to eat another sprout without thinking of you now! *Ü* A belated visit to your blog....which you need to update missy! Next time I am in Eastbourne, I will try to make a visit to CC. Maybe we will get to meet! *Ü* Toots for now and BE GOOD! Hahahaa. ~Glen~