Monday, 31 January 2011

All that shimmers....

is yummy,yum,yum! I think I have *just* discovered my latest addiction! Jill at Cardinal Colours has just taken delivery of lots and lots of delicious Cosmic Shimmer Mists, in all colours of the rainbow! I have never, ever tried these wonderful things before and I think I am hooked already! I have been spraying flowers, doilies, torn out sheets from books....even the kitchen sink!!!! Ok, so the sink was by accident....but boy oh boy it was pretty he!he!he!
so, here is my first attempt at a card using the mists!
It is much prettier and more shimmery/sparkly in the flesh.

I used a torn out book page, a chipboard butterfly and some stamps that I have had for ever from fancy pants.....gosh i think I am in love!

Have you played with them? If so have you blogged the things? I would love to see them if you have please.

Warmest wishes Anita..xxxx


  1. Really beautiful Anita - I do have some but not really used them yet as I don't like messy crafts. I must make an effort to get on and use them - would have to be outside though and me dressed in a haz mat suit LOL!!!!!!

  2. Thank you Karen :). You best bring your haz mat suit to next months class then Hun....guess what we will be using ;)

  3. beautiful card, I have them and used them on a few projects, they are perfect to break up a block of cs and add a little bling....I believe they are on my blog

  4. I have some too, used to colour flowers on my October Scrapology LO x

  5. mmmmmmm pretty!
    If it is okay with you I think I may have to leave the sprout juice!
    Zoe xxx

    P.s I think I would need larger tassels for burlesque purposes!!!!!!

  6. Love the card Anita. Never used them as not sure what to do with them, but your exmple looks good. Look forward to the next class then. xx