Sunday, 30 January 2011

Ooooooooh! Young man!!....and a VERY quick card.

Just HAD to share these pics of my darling man with you! Over Christmas with us being ill he decided it would be nice to have a break from shaving and let the stubble *be free*....well I am not normally a lover of stubble I have to say( unless its back to the 80's with the George Micheal designer look lol) prickles and makes my face sore( when he gives me a kiss....NOT when I grow it on my face I hasten to add!!!) anyway, after about 10 days he had quite a beard growth, so, jokingly I dared him to grow it for a month JUST to see what he would look like with a proper beard ;)
Well it grew....and grew and went from the harsh prickly to being quite soft a fluffy and I quite liked it( I rather like Gerard Butler( phwaor!!!) in the film '300' and liked to think that Dale was starting to resemble him a bit he!he!he!.....but I did draw the line at buying him a Spartan outfit lol. If you don't know what Gerard looked like in it google it....he is rather lush ;) ) Anyway, his *fluffle* started getting unkempt and out of control and he decided he had had along with a new haircut from moi off came the facial hair too. Gosh, I swear its taken 10 years off of him!! I feel like i could be dating his younger brother ( except he hasn't got one lol) So, begone the '300' look....cos I like my 'young man' :) i think I *may* need to do a layout about this.

One of my lovely Aunt's is staying with my Mum and Dad for a couple of days and it was her birthday on friday. I had originally made her a card using my Cosmic Shimmer mists....its my first proper attempt with them, but I think she is more of a 'clean' look type of card I ended up making this one instead. Sorry the photos are not very good, they were taken last night and light in my kitchen isnt very good.

I used my Martha Stewart triple butterfly punch and CWC greeting, plus a few little crystals....I think this has to be THE cleanest card I have ever made....not a swipe of ink anywhere!!!

Right, well I best get off the internet for a bit I guess.....there is a whole pile of ironing with my name on it and I need to just finish off a scarf that I have made for my Sister.
Hope you all have a super Sunday
Warmest wishes Anita..xxxx


  1. errrrr I have a phobia of beards so I definitely prefer the clean shaven look.

    Lovely card Anita - I think the clean and simple look suits you too.

    Karen x

  2. Definitely needs a beard layout Anita, amazing how it chnages the appearance of someone. I think best without too.

    Lovely card, clean and simple.

  3. My OH has had a tash as long as I've known him Anita - 21 years now - and I can't imagine him without it even though I'm not a big fan of them! He tends to only shave once a week as well but sometimes leaves it two LOL!!

    Dale does look much younger without although I can see what you mean about the Gerard look (did you know he's my twin as we were born on the same day LOL!)

    Love your card - beautiful colours!!!!

    Jo xx

  4. Mmmmm tickly :)
    Great photos Anita, as Lynn said def a LO in them!
    Very simplistic but pretty card too x

  5. mmm think I prefer the no beard, though with a beard he looks very mature (?) Beautiful card Anita, very clean for you :)

  6. Yes the clean cut looks great in both instances!! Very effective card Anita but would never have guessed it was yours. xx