Monday, 17 October 2011

It's Pumpkin Patch time again! **warning** VERY photo heavy!

Yep! It's THAT time of year again.....when we go and visit the local PYO and Pumpkin Patch at Sharnfolds Farm and Shop.
Unfortunately we totally missed the boat this year and ALL of the pumpkins appear to have been picked ( well, we did find 3 still on a patch not far from the shop, but nothing like we normally have the opportunity to see.
So, as the warning in title says, this is a VERY photo heavy post....escape now if you feel the need lol.
I wouldn't fancy trying to carve one this size....would you?

We met up with my Mum and my Sister and her little ones. Perfect opportunity to snap a photo of my Mum and all of her Grandchildren ( plus the South Downs in the background). The weather was absolutely glorious, we were soooo lucky!
Normally there are a whole lot more pumpkins than this, but they still got a thumbs up from the kidlets.

At the front of the shops there were various tables with a selection of pumpkins, squashes and gourds. The reminded me of cottage loaves......or space ships!!!

When we went for a stroll down through the PYO fields I was amazed to see soooo many strawberries still there for picking(Lauren did sample one just to check they were still nice to eat.....and they were :) )

She found this mega strawb, we think it was a siamese triplet!

Chloe had fun climbing in the trees and just generally hanging about.....just like the monkey that she is!

More tasting sessions.....this time in the raspberry patch and aptly named Autumn Bliss!

When we passed the strawbs and I saw this BIG number 4 I just had to take the opportunity to snap my sis and her 3 little #4 who is cooking nicely and is expected to make an appearance towards the end of January :) :)

2 Lovely ladies taking a few mins out on a little bench in the shade.

Lauren very kindly impersonated a reindeer for me and looked rather fetching with the antlers....

Look at this handsome little fella, he was quite fascinated with the cob of corn that he found....and broke in half!
I adore Autumn, its my most favourite season, I love the colours, the smells, I love the chill and being able to snuggle up in warm jumpers and fleece blankets. And when I saw these gorgeous leaves I just had to take a photo......along with the big daisy that Chloe had picked.

In the play area there is a small tractor which was a perfect prop for some I got Chloe and Holly and we had a little photo shoot. I hope to scrap these at some point :)

I think Holly looks a lot older than her years in this photo.....she is only 7!

Another shot of Chloe, this time she was relaxed back on some giant tyres that have been fixed into the ground. They make a great frame for the kids to clamber across. is the END part of our visit lol.....I still maintain that these would look better with foil wrapped round them and a few roast veg ;) he!he!he!

So, if you are down this neck of the woods then you could pop along to Sharnfolds and have a wander around yourselves. They have a well stocked farm shop and a tea room and a nice little play area for the kids, plus a few animals and a farm trail that you can wander along.....well worth a visit if the weather is nice......PLUS it is only a couple of miles away from a fabulous scrappy/card making shop....yep, that would be our lovely friend Jill at Cardinal Colours, it would be daft to be THAT close and not visit wouldn't it :D

Warmest wishes


  1. Wow wish we had something like that up north - great photos and you picked the perfect weather too!

  2. I showed my granddaughter a chicken strutting around on the way to my mums (us and the chicken! *lol*)... Lily looked at the chicken, looked at me, back to the chicken and said "That not Chicken Nonna,... it smell funny and got no chips and ketchup".
    Gorgeous photographs... I looked through them several times. Such a wonderful family - your mum must be so proud!

  3. Looks like you all had a great day out. Autumn is lovely, especially with all this sunshine we are have. Can't wait to see the scrapbook pages.

    Lynn xxx

  4. Fab photos Anita - look forward to seeing them scrapped at some point.

    Karen x

  5. Gorgeous photos, Anita - great scrapping fodder!

  6. Anita, you take such amazing photos! Can't wait to see them on pages really soon :)

  7. Really enjoyed the jaunt through your gorgeous photos.... I may have to 'streetmap' that farm. Hhhhmmmm... I wonder how long it would take to drive over to Cardinal Colours??
    Sandra x