Sunday, 13 November 2011

Our Pumpkin Posse "11

Every year we visit the local pumpkin Patch and every year I make a layout of here is my page for this year :)
You know me, I just love to pile on loads and loads of lumps, bumps and sparkles and I couldn't break my habit so I am afraid this one is no exception LOL.

I have ripped, inked, glossed, glittered, beaded and stuck and I am really pleased with the result.
The pumpkin head on the bottom left even lights up and has flashing eyes and mouth LOL, I got him from our lovely Jill at Cardinal Colours and the beautiful irredescant beads came from her too( she has a super selection of beads!) and the copper nailheads too!

Next year's visit to the patch will include one more little Sister is due to have another baby at the end of January, so I wonder if I will have a new neice...or nephew?

now onto things that are not anywhere near as nice or cute as little ones....eeeeek, check out this big old fella who was just outside our back door the other day ***shudders*** he really was huuuuuge ( I could even see the hairs on his legs lol).

YUK!!!!!!! I hope he stays OUT in the garden and doesn't think he can come inside....I shall have a rolled up newspaper waiting for him if he does!

Right, I am off to do some scrapping....hope you are having a fab weekend too..xxxx


  1. urgggh urgggh and double urggggh - how could you show such a picture Anita - I will be having the heebie jeebies for the rest of the day now

    Fab layout - everything is simply beautiful and a fab photograph of the posse too.

    Karen x

  2. Beautiful layout Anita. Stunning.

    That spider however ...... ewwwww. Hairy legs! ..... aghhhhhhhhh

  3. Congratulations to your sister!

    love the layout... I think only you could use a light-up pumpkin embellishment and make it look good on a layout *lol*.
    I'm with you on the spider... newspaper at the ready! *lol*

  4. I was lucky enough to be with you when you created this stunning layout, I love seeing the collection of things you bring along to crop turn into one of your masterpieces before my eyes. This is such a lovely photo to scrap too.

    Congrats to Donna, looking forward to more news in the new year. As for the hairy legged one - are you scrapping him?!

  5. 'ripped, inked, glossed, glittered'....and a light up pumpkin to boot. Anita this page really does have it all!! Great photography too.
    Sandra x