Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Sweet Dreams are Made of This!

I have just spent a really lovely evening in the company of my lovely Sister and my eldest Daughter. We went to the cinema and watched this.

There was lots of this

And a fair amount of this

not nearly enough of this!
( I feel the need to complain!!!)

So I am going to take these lasting thoughts and go to bed and have Sweet Dreams ;)
Nighty Night..xxxxx


  1. LOL Anita - I dragged my sister along last week to see it - absolutely loved it!!

  2. you are very nawwwty!

    What film was I going to loan you?

  3. Did you have sweet dreams last night then?

  4. Oooh I went yesterday and had very sweet dreams last night :) Not much of shirtless Jacob but there was lots of goodly Edward! :)