Monday, 7 May 2012

Sitting Pretty....(watch out its VERY photo heavy)

This is one of the layouts I made at Blossom Retreat weekend last month. The photos were taken last year on a day trip to our local small zoo, Drusillas. At the end of the zoo park they have a gift shop and inside they sell lots of branded products, but they seem to specialise in Thomas The Tank engine for the boys and Hello Kitty for the girlies. Outside there is a little ride on machine...that is **supposed** to be for little girlies....ahem...well I guess she is one of MY little girlies eh ;)
The smaller photo *should* have been on more of a tilted angle, but it stuck fast and I couldn't move it.
A variety of different letters used, some pretty buttons and best of all the 
length of lace is from my late dear Little Nanna's sewing box, so pleased
to have had chance to use some at last :)

So....anyway, today we also paid a visit to Drusillas, we haven't been for quite a while and as we have annual passes we thought we really should put them to good use. So, if you get bored easily then I suggest you run away now lol as there are a fair few pics. Starting with this little fella, he was totally chilled out under the heat lamp. 

If only I had taken a shot of the whole was a curled up snake and was actually quite high with a rapid downwards should have heard the yelps as she came down lol

Two Tyred lol

This little bucket seat spun sooooo fast I thought she was going to fly out!!! Was so funny to see her try to walk after she got out though he!he!he! ( a taste of things to come when she has been out partying I guess lol)

This young otter was absolutely adorable.....not to mention vocal! He had a very high pitched squeal.

We have never seen flamingo eggs before and today we saw 3! Hopefully they  will safely hatch, although there was a little bit of a scrap going on over one of the nests....keep your fingers crossed.

This little guinea pig made me think of Barbara Windsor LOL, check out the little grin on its face.

We managed to get a good look at the servals today too, normally they are quite well hidden, but it was lovely to be so close today.

Awwww, this teeny little fella was soooo cute, but so sad looking bless him. Looks like a little ol man doesn't he lol.
We popped in the little sweetie shop in the play area for some nibbles and I saw this! I adore peanuts, but found out a few weeks ago ( after actually trying peanut butter for the first time) that peanut butter is no where near as nice as peanuts on their own. But I decided to try this peanut butter Twix....hmmmm, won't bother trying another one though....especially at £1.10 a pop!!!

                                                 Chloe tried out the white knuckle ride lol.

On the way back to the car park the girls went for a ride around the park on Thomas

See! They did have a good time :)

                                         The one with the loooooooonnnnnnnnnggggg legs!

and the one with the stumpy ones just kidding Lauren, love you really!)

Chloe is normally VERY vocal ( ask ANYONE who knows her lol) and she never passes up the chance to have a go in the zoolympics phone box. You have to shout as LOUD as you can and see how many decibels you can you can see she did quite well.

So, this was our bank holiday monday ( well it was after I had come home from work!!)
What did YOU do? Whatever it was I hope you had a good time.

Warmest wishes
Anita xxxx


  1. Beautiful layout Anita and lovely zoo photo. Love that little monkey. Bless him he really doesn't look like he's having a good day.

  2. Yet another stunning layout, love these pics of teen sprout!

    Thank you for sharing the other pics, it looks like you had a blast, I have never been before but may venture down this year.

    Zoe xxx

    P.s Why didn't you stick the guinea peggy (do you see what I did there!) up your jumper for me!!!!

  3. Love your layout Anita it is so pretty and the lace just sets it off :) Some great shots of your girls there I am sure we shall be seeing them on layouts soon but where are the pics of you?

  4. Looks like you had a fabulous time, the photos are brilliant.

    Love the layout, looks better IRL x

  5. Beautiful layout - just love all the vibrant colours.

    Looks like you had a gorgeous day out and lots more lovely photographs to scrap too.

    Karen x

  6. Loved watching that layout come together, stunning colours. Love all your excellent photos, a lot to scrap there. Looks like you had a great day out.

  7. Gorgeous photos of the animals and your girlies - and I love that layout too! Bright, happy colours and lots of blossom loveliness! :D

  8. Gorgeous Page!!!! Great photos - (i did have to stop at the peanut butter twix!) xx