Sunday, 19 August 2012

Run, run as fast as you can.....

pheeewweeee it's just TOO hot isn't it! We spent yesterday afternoon sweltering and melting in the heat at a local Country Fair and Terrier Racing show. I have never seen this before and it certainly is exciting.....and so funny to see their little legs going so fast AND they get soooo excited and hyped up LOL.
This was the first race....I had to chuckle at the 2 little dogs in the background who just couldn't be bothered to run....I don't blame them, it was WAAAAY too hot!!

                                                We were standing fairly close to the start.

And here is the end of race number 2...the little dogs were just so funny when they tried skidding to a halt and sometimes they even shot through the hay bales( where the 2 joined together lol)

Awwwwwww, look at their dear little faces, these little cuties all belonged to the same lady.

2 of them were def up for the serious race, but the other 2 we really up for a little amble instead.

After the show we wondered through the park and around the lake and had a lovely ice cream. Then spent the evening with y sister and her family and had a yummy BBQ at their house.

 Then as the sun set we ventured up on to the top of the South Downs and waited to watch the ISS pass over ( International Space Station). Obviously it didn't look like it does in this photo, it was just like a star, except it travelled quite fast across the sky. It seemed strange to comprehend that it was actually this massive, intricate bulk of metal which had 5 men and 1 woman working away inside and that they will be up there til November sometime....fascinating!

And now, here we are this morning....and I have a massive pile of ironing to look forward too! Ces't la vie!
enjoy the rest of your weekend x