Monday, 13 August 2012

What a weekend!!! **warning photo heavy**

Jeeeez this weekend has been busy and seems to have blown by soooo fast and now Monday and back to work is here :( It started on Saturday, with a trip down into Eastbourne to see some of this years Airbourne ( its a massive free airshow and its exhilarating to stand or sit on the beach and watch the planes, helicoptors and parachutes that display there)All along the promenade there are stalls and activities to take part in and these extend out onto the beaches and along the western lawns.
Normally the Red Arrows fly in display over 2 of the days...but alas this year they didn't appear as they were in Moscow *insert gutted face*. So the simulator was the closest you could get to experiencing them)

There were a few birds of prey on display, but they were mostly all hiding in the shade under a nice big gazebo ( I don't blame them it WAS boiling!!)

Unfortunately, because I didn't know what time the planes were actually starting to fly, we turned up quite early lol. And by the time we had perused the stalls and ambled along the packed seafront and found a teeny area clear to sit down we actually only managed to see the Sea-king and the new Eastbourne lifeboat, one of the parachute diving teams and a couple of other planes that I didn't manage to get pics of ( gutted :( )

                                      if you squint you can see a couple of the parachutists lol

We strolled through some of the stands ( who can resist men in uniforms ;) ) especially when they carry their fave cuddly toy with them :D

Lauren, Jack and Chloe posed for me by one of the static displays :)
Chloe was VERY happy to get her mitts on a marshmallow cone

This was the view from halfway up near the Western Lawns down to the pier....checkout just HOW many people are on the beach!!!!!

.........................some odd couple on the promenade lol............ they let anyone down there these days!

And then on Sunday, it was Madison's Christening Day. Dale, Lauren and I were honoured to be chosen as Godparents. This is the lovely, gorgeous car they arrived in.....

which is owned by this equally lovely man, Jim, who is a good friend of theirs

I couldn't get pics during the service, but Chloe managed to grab a couple of snaps. I love how Maddie is mesmerized by her Celebration candle.

                           ...................even though she tried to blow it out LOL!......................

 Maddie with her Mummy and Daddy, one of her brothers and all of her Godparents.

                             The tower of cakes, made by my very clever and incredibly lovely Sister xx

                           She made sweetie bags and these gorgeous little icing babies too!

Love this photo so much of Chloe and little Joshy in the car xx

 and here is the star of the show herself, Miss Maddie ( photo by my Sister).
Thank you Maddie for sharing your special day with us....may you be blessed with love, happiness and joy for all of your days Sweetheart. xxxxx


  1. Fabulous photo's Anita. We tried to catch some of the air show from Seaford beach. Saw a few fly by but not many. It was really exciting when we did spot them though.
    I can see you all has a wonderful day at the Christening. Maddie is just adorable!!
    Sandra x

  2. What a wonderful collection of photos Anita. Looks like you all had a super time. I can see some adorable layouts coming some time soon. What a beautiful little baby Maddie is too.

  3. What lovely photos :) Maddie is adorable.

  4. Lovely photos - looks like you had a lovely time at the christening and the airshow xx