Sunday, 24 October 2010

Carrots, cream cheese and cupcakes!

hello there. I hope you have had a really lovely Sunday? Mine started off with a lovely lay in till 8ish this morning....then I took our youngest to a boot sale and we found a couple of bargains :)

then I came home, cut Dale's hair and then started baking......and baked....and baked....and BAKED!!!

To start with I made a huuuuuge round carrot cake( normally make one in a loaf tin, but fancied a change) and then topped it off with a cream cheese/icing sugar/vanilla extract frosting. But I ended up making too much frosting, so then I had to make up another mix of carrot cake and I made some carrot cake muffins too LOL.

Then I made lots of cupcakes( over 30 in the end)....they were all vanilla sponge inside. Some had hollowed out centres and were filled with melted marshmallows( totally inspired by the lovely Zoe

and others Chloe had asked to be just plain inside but with different colours!!!! So we had swirly blue and pink buttercream on the outside and yellow and green in the sponge mixes inside. Then there was another batch that was plain vanilla sponge inside and swirly cream and pink on the outside.
My lovely, kind and super duper cupcake making sister has just given me a fantabulous icing/piping set of nozzles etc....and it made SUCH a difference and I was literally jumping round the kitchen with glee as these look like proper cupcakes( and I was quite chuffed he!he!he!).....and not the sad offering I have been used to making LOL, so thank you Donna if you read this, you have made my weekend Hun (((hugs)))

so now I have got to make lots and lots and practice them so they will be lovely........


  1. Mmmm yum! Making me hungry lol!
    Wd love to know abt the icing set?

  2. OOoh yum!!!!! I could be there in about 5 hours or so LOL!!! xx

  3. Jo, I will put the kettle on Hun ;)!
    Linda, just emailed you the link ok :)

  4. Mmmmmm they look lovely, make sure u keep me a marshmallow one (or plain on) don't mind which xxx

  5. okey dokey, just got to drop the girls at drama at 10 and then I will head down for a cuppa ;)

  6. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm they look amazing - what recipe do you use for your frosting as I have tried using a normal buttercream one and they don't pipe at all well.