Saturday, 8 January 2011

Lovely friends, cropping and colourful cupcakes!

Today has been our monthly crop at our much loved friend Jill's studio at Cardinal Colours
I just love our monthly crops, the group of girls that always come along are such lovely friends and we always have a giggle, a good old natter and its so inspiring to see what beautiful creations they all make. Its not just scrapping either, they are card makers too and today has also seen some stunning jewellery created and also some fab knitted items too.

Today was also a birthday celebration for these 2 lovely ladies below :)

Wendy and Liz are both celebrating their birthdays in the middle of this month so we gave them cards and pressies today and I made them some cupcakes instead of a raspberryoffee( after seeing the colours they would probably have preferred the raspberryoffee lol)

Here is Liz with her cupcake broken in half to see the colours inside....kind of a rainbow surprise ( or more like a drug induced 'trip' lol)

And here is Wendy, hers looks a bit like a target inside doesn't it LOL. check out her funky arm plaster cast too, poor thing bless her.....super colour though Wendy....does it come in Teal ? if so I may well consider having a trip to A & E ;)

This was my cake when I broke it open....I just love these new food gel colours I have just bought, the normal liquid ones from the supermarket seem so pale and pasty in comparison. I am surprised we weren't all bouncing off the ceiling though with all those food colourings( i think I was probably a little over generous with the amount i added to the mix).

All the left over cake mix was poured into a loaf tin and I made a slab cake to leave at home for dale and the girls......
when I got home from the crop there were literally just crumbs I guess I did something right :)

Right, thats me done for the evening, just going for a cuppa and a catch up. Enjoy the rest of the weekend :)
Warmest wishes


  1. that is certainly a cake to eat in sunglasses Anita, you must all have been bouncing off the walls. Looks scrummy too

  2. It was a lovely day thank you Anita and the cakes were extra special. So different (he he!!) They were very yummy. As it isn't my birthday yet I can't thank everyone for their lovely cards and presents, but I will!! xxx

  3. Thank you Sarah lol, I did wonder if there would be a health and safety issue with the cakes ;)
    Glad you liked them Liz, I hope you have a super day on your actual birthday Hun :)

  4. Where can you buy these gels? I love them!!!


  5. Hi Vikki

    Not sure where you are from, but I got some of mine in Hobbycraft and some also in a shop called The Range. Both companies have stores dotted about the country. Hope you find some ok, they really are fab to use.
    Warmest wishes