Monday, 25 July 2011

On the 1st day............

of the school hols we Pevensey Bay and spent a few hours on the beach!
I am not on holiday yet( unfortunately), but after coming home this morning and seeing what a glorious day it was going to be, I asked Chloe is she fancied a trip to the beach..... she jumped at the chance. So after we collected Lauren from last nights party, we packed a bag of towels, blankets and a picnic and headed to Pevensey Bay :)

On route we stopped at Asda and she chose a body board that she has had her eye on.

When we got there the tide was out, but it was only a short tide, so sadly there wasn't much sand to be seen....however in about a weeks time it should be a different story( looooooong tides :) )....and we plan to pay as many visits to the beach as we can :D

After struggling to get into her wetsuit for the first time ( which I have to say was highly amusing to watch AND listen to) she picked up her board and was raring to go :)

She really had hoped for waves....and not a millpond! But she didn't let that deter her and had great fun with it all.
Meanwhile......back on the beach.....this young lady was catching some kip after partying hard til 3.30 this morning!!!!! Jeez, if I had known she was up at the time I would have popped round for a cuppa before work!! ;)
I will leave you with a couple more pics of my Little Mermaid....(or Water Slug LOL) having fun, on what is hopefully the 1st of many trips to the beach this summer. I hope you all have a super summer too and have chance for lots of laughs and good fun.

And me....well I am off to bathe in a bath full of aftersun :( After covering myself in Factor 30 Ambre Solaire I am still resembling a Lobster....and it smarts rather!


  1. Love those photos - the last one especially is almost magical!

  2. Fab photos Anita, some great ones for the scrapbook album there. Happy Summer!