Tuesday, 30 August 2011

'Orrible, Hairy Little Blighters!

.....that's what they are!

This year I have had a lovely display of nasturiums. Great big gorgeous leaves and firey blooms.....really lovely......well they were....for a while!

And then these little horrors got to them......
and ate.....and ate.....and ATE!!!!

and there are LOADS of the furry beasts ( and NOT many of my lovely big leaves anymore!)

But I guess there is one upside! As much as I am scared of and detest moths **shudders** I DO like Cabbage White butterflies, they are so pretty and I love how they flitter around the garden and judging by the amount of big caterpillars we already have munching away and now, as you can see below, we also have lots of teeny tiny ones ( they are ALL under the leaf too) the garden will soon be full of pretty flutterbys.
but alas.....no more Nasturtiums :(


  1. Looks like they've had a good feast :)

  2. "I've eaten all the cabbages in the garden!" Reminded me of that poem...........

  3. Ewww Anita they are far too hairy and have far too many legs for my liking.

  4. My grandfather always used to have a nettle-bed at the bottom of the garden, and grew sweet williams or pinks next to, and in with, his favourite insect-loving plants. A buddleija (?... have so not spelt that right *lol*) in the corner also helped to deter caterpillars from eating his nasturtiums :)
    Well, at least you'll have a garden full of beautiful butterflies...
    and more nasturtiums for them to nibble on next year :)

  5. Urgggh Anita - vile!!!

    At least they are not those horrible brown furry caterpillars that are poisonous - they still make me shudder though.