Tuesday, 23 August 2011

When is a rug...not a rug?

Well........it would appear it when it is more like a hat....as you will see in a moment!

At the beginning of the school holidays Chloe wanted to have a go at making something, so we hunted around for something different to do. Over on the fantastic Its' A Creative World blog we found this post about Hula Hoop Rugs
So we scouted through drawers and wardrobes until we had enough t shirts and started to cut them into strips.....lots and LOTS of strips LOL

After making the the initial weaving area ( or warp) on the hoop we started off with the first strip (weft) and attatched it in the centre and started weaving round
Eventually Chloe got it to this size.......

Unfortunately upon taking it off the hoop and tying the rag ends together, we found that the rug would not lay flat and instead looked rather like a bowl.....or indeed a hat!!! Being beautifully modelled here by Chloe LOL!

I think it was woven too tightly to be honest.....so, we have been out and bought a bigger hoop and when we have enough t -shirts to cut up again we will try another, bigger rug and weave it a little more loosely and hopefully it will sit flat.....just like a rug is supposed to ;)


  1. Oh well done Chloe. I've been wondering about your rug and how you were getting on. Glad to see you persevered with it even if it is now more like a hat LOL. Well done.

  2. ........... forgot to say .......... your hair still looks good. :)

  3. LOL, could make it into a fruit bowl! Look forward to seeing the rug Version II.

  4. lol. Great work there :) Can see that being a bright and funky layout to tell the story :) Good luck with the next rug :)

  5. Great photos, will make a fab layout - can't wait to see it :)

    BTW - posted this before but it didn't appear :(