Monday, 26 December 2011

And I think to myself.....what a wonderful world.

Hello there....I hope you and your loved ones had a wonderful day yesterday and that it continued on into today :)

I have just a few pics to share with you if you will indulge me...xxxx

Firstly this snap of the candles in our bedroom window ( taken first thing yesterday morning when our girls came charging in, as always, to open their stockings in out room ( well, it's tradition lol). I loved how all the reflections shone out through the double glazing.
One of my favourite gifts were 2 very special charms for on my bracelet. Dale bought me the ' 'LOVE' spin wheel and the 'Soul Mate' cube bead and I am thrilled with them and very touched that he bought thenm for me ( I also had some of my fave perfume and a beautiful figurine....I will share that sometime :) ) I had some really lovely pressies and feel totally spoilt.

Check out this divine, handsome little chap. He is a Charlie Bear and my very Best Friend, Sue, gave him to me. Oh my gosh he IS the softest, most cuddly bear with a gorgeous face and puppy dog eyes......and the best thing is his official name is..........Sprout!!!!
Thank you Sue sooooo much, I will treasure him and look after him well Hun..xxxxx

The girls had lots of lovely presents and were totally spoilt.....but one of Lauren's favourite things ( albeit probably the cheapest too) was a pack of 'rub on' transfer finger moustache's we had a little photo session.
After the girls had opened and sorted most of their pressies.....they both decided to climb in their sacks instead lol. I made these sacks for them both a few years ( when Chloe was a baby infact) they are all stitched by hand and I used calico and fabric from Debbie Mumm. I am hoping they will last a good few more years.

I hope you have all had a wonderful time too.....and been spoilt. Let me know if you post some pics...I would love to come and have a look.
Right, I need to get to bed....back to getting up for work at 3.30am in the morning ( booooo....hisssss!)
Catch you soon ok
Warmest Wishes


  1. So pleased that you were spoilt! You deserve it! I love the girls smiley faces! Looks like they are having a fab time. However I am in shock! I can't believe that someone would go as far as to not only create a sprouty coloured teddy but to then name him SPROUT too.............I'm off for a lay down.

  2. Hi Anita, So pleased you had a good Christmas. Love 'Sprout'! Those santa sacks ok great, a lovely tradition now too.

  3. Looks like you had a fantastic day.
    What thoughtful presents too - love Sprout!