Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The BESTEST Christmas Wreath in the WORLD!!!

Yesterday I spent a couple of fabby hours with this lovely lady here called Zoe, AKA Mrs Wonka.

We met at Snowhill Garden Centre nr Copthorne and spent a nice time drifting in and out of all the sparkly decs and beautiful trees and twinkly lights before popping for tea and cake ( would have been rude not too eh ;) ). Then we popped into the small Hobbycraft for a nosey.
When we left we gave each other our Christmas gifts and Zoe also bestowed me with this!!!!!
Is it not THE most awesome wreath you have ever seen???
Each sprout has been popped into the ring using a cocktails stick ( I feel their pain but I bet you loved stabbing them Zoe didn't you lol)

All those lovely little green orbs of lushness, all nestled together, cuddled up to create a ring of happiness and all finished off with a lovely organza bow....jeeeez that girl knows the way to my heart :).
Just how clever and how thoughtful is she? Thank you Zoe so much, it was fab spending time with you and I just love my wreath Hun :) ( I can imagine how you must have felt with the smell of sprouts on your hands and in your car lol)

So.....what thuper duper extra special and unusual chrimbo dec do you have to share? Leave a link if you have one, I would love to come and see it.

Warmest wishes


  1. Love it! What a fantastic idea :)

  2. That's fantastic, especially knowing that Zoe hates the little green monsters! LOL Glad you managed to get together and had a good time.

  3. LOL What is Zoe like??????? Great admiration as it must have caused her much anguish making it for you - a real labour of love!!!!!!

    Karen xx

  4. I can still spell sprout! Pleased you loved it! Was fab to see you!

    Z xxx

  5. Lol, Eau De Sproutage.....tis a fine scent is it not? To be fair they do taste a lot better than they smell ;).xxx

  6. Funky-fantastical!! Love it!!
    Sandra x