Saturday, 24 December 2011

Pssssst! Christmas is coming.......

I popped up to one of our local garden centres the other day with the girls.....and look who we bumped in to LOL. We half expected to see a big basket underneath and find they were doing tethered balloon rides....but alas no!

Our Christmas tree is filled to the brim with glass candles and baubles that have been collected, hand made or given as gifts over many years ( I have over 300 on there!) and I thought I would share just a few of them with you(( don't panic, it will only be a few....not the whole lot lol).

Starting off with my gorgeous new Angel who has taken pride of place at the top this year. She was lovingly created and kindly given to me by my lovely and much loved friend Lynn
She is so multi talented and her needlework is just neat and lovely, Lynn made several of these gorgeous Angels and gave to all her cropping friends.
I have had this next dec for several years. My dear, late Little Nanna bought me this one and it looks amazing in the dark. You place a fairy light up underneath the fireplace and it casts a warm glow through the hearth and is truly beautiful. It always fascinated by my girls when they were little and they used to stand gazing at it.
Next comes this lovely Micky Mouse, he came all the way back from Disneyland USA. You pull his string at the bottom and his arms and legs jump about like a jumping jack.

My lovely Mum gave me this gorgeous little crocheted cupcake this year, its really dinky with its pearl sprinkles and fits perfectly on the tree ( I also have some glass cupcakes that I bought last year)

This next dec means a lot to me.....they may only be made from old plastic egg boxes, but they hold wonderful memories of my own childhood Christmases. I made these bells with my Mum when I was nearly 7yrs old ( so yes, they are antique lol) The plastic is soft and very fragile and the glitter is now dull....and the foil *dingers* in the middle have had to be replaced more than once. But I love them and each year they hang very near the top of the the front :)

And this is my new glass one this year. I just fell in love with him when I met up at Snowhill Garden Centre with another lovely friend Zoe aka Mrs Wonka
He reminded me of old fashioned kitsch style dec and more to the point, he looks like he has a pile of sprouts on his shoulder ( yes, yes, I know its prob just a green scarf....but I like to think he was bringing home the sprouts for Christmas!)

So there were a few of my fave's ( hope your eyes haven't melted into your keyboard with boredom lol)

Yesterday we popped along to a local warehouse shop for a nosey about and whilst there Lauren found this....... lol and so she gave us an impromptu performance.

And then round the corner she found this guy. I wonder what she asked him for?

I would like to wish any of you lovely bloggers out there who may amble along here once in a while a very Merry Christmas and I wish for you a New Year that is filled to the brim with Love, Laughter and happy days....

Warmest Wishes


  1. Have a fabulous Christmas Anita and all the best for the coming year - looking forward to lots more of your lovely classes.

    Karen x

  2. What a lovely post, great to see your treasured ornamens. Have a fab Christmas.

  3. Tree decorations look lovely Anita, my treasured ones are in the loft (keeping safe x)