Thursday, 18 February 2010

Cookie Monster!

thought these little beasties deserved a post of their own! Lauren wanted to have a play with some buns and decided on making some Cookie Monster ones, so up to the shops she went and came back with some bright blue food colouring! He should really have got mini cookies in his mouth, but whats a cookie size between friends.

And i must say they were very yummy indeed. I was looking forwards to having one the day after, but I opened up the fridge door, picked up the plate with the cookies on slipped out my hand, hit the glass shelf and shattered the shelf and hundreds of shards of glass sprayed everywhere! So had to chuck them away as i really didn't fancy anyone chewing on little bits of the sharp stuff! Maybe we will find Big bird visits the kitchen this weekend lol.


  1. They look fab! Love the cookie in the mouth idea (cookies in my mouth that is LOL).

    Glad nobody was hurt with the glass shelf shattering but I suppose it works wonders if you are watching your weight LOL - not that I am saying you need to at ALL!!!!

    Take care

    Sarah x

  2. These are fantastic, well done Lauren. Next time eat them all and don't bother with the fridge!!

  3. They're great :)

    What are the eyes made of?

  4. OMG, these are fantastic lol! Too good to eat tho! Love your cards and everything Anita, and can you mail me pls - i've lost all my address book!


  5. Hiya Jake, just emailed you ok hun :)

    Linda, sorry I didn't see your question before....they are mint imperials with the ends of Cadburys choc finger on the top lol.xx