Thursday, 11 February 2010

Once Upon A Time.....

..... there was a beautiful Princess. I thought I would post a couple of layouts that I made last year, at a retreat that I attend each year with some lovely friends...and we are going to all get together again in a few weeks, I can't wait!

This had to be one of the only times I have ever bought some new papers AND actually used them the day after I got them instead of admiring them and then leaving them in the paper bag they came in LOL.

I thoroughly enjoyed making this page, I think the paper is Crate Paper and then I did my normal *throw it all on and cut some bits out routine*, I love the page....and more importantly so did my beautiful little Princess :)

My 2nd page is called Melon Muncher and I just HAD to scrap these pics of Lauren and her melon munch on the beach at Pevensey. I normally steer clear of very bright colours( I prefer grungey, inky,murky colours lol). The cute bear at the top was a paper peicing I bought on ebay :) Really looking forwards to the good weather and the chance to hit the beach again this year.

Well, I know old work is a bit of a cop-out for blogging, but, I have got a couple of new bits that I am going to post on saturday, but can't before then incase someone else see's them ;).

Must dash as I am off tonight to see the closing night of a play that Lauren is in, I can't wait and have been warned to take some tissues, apparently its quite a tear jerker...and as I am soft mare anyway its pretty much in the bag that the mascara will be running! Have a lovely evening..xxxx


  1. Hi Anita

    WOW!! These are simply gorgeous and not a cop out at all!! That melon looks delicious no wonder your daughter is enjoying it sooo much!! Your princess layout is fit for a queen and I am not surprised your daughter approved... my 6 year old would LOVE it ;-)

    Enjoy the play tonight and don't forget to put on waterproof mascara LOL sounds like a real tear jerker and you must be so proud of her having a part in it. Like you I am a softy - I went on a training course today and we watched a video of a boy doing CPR on his dad, even though I knew it was being acted out I still filled up, so another softy here hahaha!!

    Thanks once again for the lovely comments you have left on my blog, they really do make my day :-) and your encouragement about me scrapping is working, slowly but surely, I have got the photos out just need to (like you said) think of it like a big card LOL! Love that thought.

    Take care and can't wait to check back on Saturday to see what other goodies you have up your sleeve.

    Sarah x

  2. Two beautiful classics Anita, lovely to see them again. Looking forward to seeing what you create at this years weekend. Not ling now:) x

  3. Thanks ladies for your lovely comments.
    Sarah, so glad to hear you are going to hopefully have a go at scrapping and i am really looking forwards to seeing what you create. If your cards are anything to go by then I just know your lo's will be

    Lynn, I can;t wait Hun, the days are counting down nicely now :)

  4. So so beautiful... as always!

  5. This is really pretty and what a fab way to display pics, love all the little details, the question you asked me, the tickest are from a cd that i have with printable papers etc, they have tickets you can type or stamp your own words in or ones that already have words in you can find it HERE hope this helps big hugs Pops x x x

  6. Hello pops, thank you so very much for your kind reply and thank you very much for the link

  7. Oh Anita, I absolutely love your *throw it all on and cut some bits out routine* - these are beautiful!
    Hope all went well with the play :D
    Hugs x

  8. Hiya Leann :), thank you so much for your lovely comment *blush*....and yes, the play was fab thank you.....and luckily I wore my waterprrof mascara as there were lots of tears