Friday, 5 February 2010

Now THAT'S what I call a Flutterby Cake!

BEWARE!!!!!!! Major sugar overload to alert!!!!!
Yes, that really is a gigantic flutterby cake! On Sunday it is one of Lauren's friends birthday....and she absolutely LOVED the flutterby cakes I made the other day, lauren too some into school to share), anyway, Lauren decided she would like to make a mega one, so I had a practice today....and this is the result!!!! This is what 4 eggs, 8ozs of SR Flour, 8ozs Caster Sugar and Stork Marg PLUS a tbsp of hot water looks like!!!!

Add to that the piles of icing sugar and marg that made the buttercream and you have a positive time bomb LOL. Lauren wasn't about for a piccy so Chloe posed with the cake....and didn't even take a sneaky nibble lol.

It tastes pretty darned good too, we all had a little bit, quality testing and all that LOL. Well, Chloe is now asleep, Lauren is about to go up and me....well I amm STILL buzzing lol. I have a few more bits to sort out for tomorrows crop.....and then, if I can peel myself down from the ceiling I will be off to bed too.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, whatever you are up to...xxxxxxxx


  1. Oh wow that is a cake and a half LOL. Hope you enjoyed your crop today.

  2. Aaaaaaaaargh!!!!! That's FANTASTIC!!!!!!
    Hugs x

  3. First Helen makes me want chocolate, and now you're getting me all hungry for cake - and I don't even like buttercream! It looks so scrumptious though... and looks like a little cupcake too(so Lauren looks like a little mini-Lauren *lol*)

  4. Wow that is a cake and a half :)....chocolate next and all for lol