Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Cheeky Chicks and Cute Kids!

Well yesterday saw Easter Monday trundle through and we always, ALWAYS have an egg and chick hunt at my parents house for the kidlets. Several of these fluffy little yellow critters were to be found scattered around the back and front garden along with eggs, easter figures and little baskets.

Heck, we even had a 'Stunt Chick'! We hired him in special....he was going 'cheap' ;)

Just a few of the pics of the kids. I think Lauren had the right idea and just take the WHOLE cake stand......forget hunting round for some puny little eggs or chicks....straight into the hard stuff for her!

Oliver had eagle eyes and good climbing skills!
Joshy was quite content to play with his basket full of goodies he found along the way....not realising there would be some yummy goodies at the end for him.
He did however need a heloping hand for one of the lambs that was hanging in the tree!
I was really pleased to see this pretty little butterfly in the back garden, I *think* its a Common Blue. I remember as kids we used to see these everywhere....and the tawny brown ones, Peacocks, Red Admirals and lots of Cabbage Whites. But in recent years I can't recall seeing hardly, if any, of the Common Blues.
Here they are at the end of the hunt, counting their finds and hoping for a biiiiiig egg!
I hope you had a lovely Easter too?

Warmest wishes Anita..xxxx


  1. Looks like you had a really good day and wasn't the weather just fab for an egg hunt.

    Karen x

  2. looks like a great day Anita. Groan at the stunt chick.......would be good on a lo :) lol

  3. What a lovely idea, looks like they had a fabulous time xx