Saturday, 23 April 2011

Seaside Shenanigans

Ooops, just catching up on a few pics. We asked Chloe to pick something that she would really like to do for the day....and she REALLY wanted to go to Hastings thats what we did!
Chloe is MAAAAD about the arcades and couldn't wait to get out of the shops, along the seafront and into the fun! She had great fun on 'Splat the Meerkat' and managed to get quite a high score!
Then she changed up a couple of pounds into 2p's and spent a looooooooong time on this machine in particular
but it was all worthwhile because she managed to win a fair few of the little prickly critters!
We went for a lovely stroll down through Old Town area and in a little open area we found these wonderful creations.
The detail on them was incredible and they looked stunning in the sunshine.
It always makes me feel sad though when we drive past what is left of the pier. We have many happy memories of trips out on there over the years and now that it has been almost totally destroyed by fire think it will be a few years again probably before it is rebuilt and re- opened.
Hope you are having a lovely Easter Weekend so far.....and that the Easter Bunny visits you with some lovliness


  1. Looks like great fun. Love the creatures :)

  2. Looks like a great day out, love the sculptures. We were in Hastings the other day too :)