Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy Mothers Day! ( photo heavy!)

Happy Mother's Day to all you lovely Mummy's out there :) I hope you have all had a wonderful day today. Warning now, this is a VERY photo heavy post so you may want to drift away now lol. It starts off with the card I made for my own lovely Mum. It was inspired by a design ( which was MUCH more elegant than mine lol) by Jak Heath. I used my die from Marriane Creatbles and then made the rose myself( after seeing so many lovely ones all over the web) using the retro daisy punches....I am really pleased how it turned out.

And this is my super duper card made especially for me by my very own little crafting herbert,Chloe. I think she made a lovely job of it...don't you?

We popped to see my lovely Mum and then, as it was such a lovely day, we thought we would go to Bexhill seafront for a stroll. I took my camera as i wanted some new photos. I took this one in my parents front garden just before we set off.
Once we were on the promenade at Bexhill...and after chloe had skated for a while, I asked the girls to let me take some shots of them......I SAID I would like some NICE photos of them........

this is what happened!
and again!!!!!!!.........little minx's!

so then I thought the only thing to do was to grab em and smile too! And get Dale to stand behind the camera with a stern 'do as you are told' face...he!he!he!
Then thought a 'just the 2 of us' photo might be quite nice :)

Dale and Lauren then decided they were a bit chilly and sat in the car, whilst Chloe and myself strolled further long the seafront and found the beach huts and chalets.

I loved the peeling paint in this one....and Chloe's smiling face....of course!

Chloe decided to take a turn behind the camera....I have cropped quite a 'chunk' of me out of this piccy( and believe me...i AM a big ol chunk!!) lol.

I loved this one of her and know JUST the perfect paper that I shall scrap her on.

We then turned round and headed back along the front towards the car. The huts and chalets really need a new lick of paint and some repair work, but I have to say I think it added more character to them seeing all the worn, distressed areas on them. We shall definately go back down there again on a warmer day for some more photos.

Yep, she just couldn't resist the chance to prance about and pull funny faces again....she just cracks me up!

We ended up having an ice cream, which nicely rounded up a lovely afternoon.

I hope your day has been a lovely one too!

Warmest wishes Anita..xxxxx


  1. First of all what a fab card you made your Mum, loved the roses you made yesterday. Great card to you from Chloe too. Watch your stash!!
    Great photos on the seafront, can see a lot of LO's coming along. Chloe is changing and growing up fast. Thanks for sharing and glad you had a lovely day with your family too.

  2. The card you made for Dot is absolutely gorgeous! Loved seeing you make those roses yesterday - can you do a tutorial?

    Fab card from Chloe too - she may be joining us at our crop soon, and as Lynn said - watch that stash!

    You really have some beautiful photos there - can't wait to see them appear on pages soon xxx

  3. Beautiful cards by both of you :) LOving all the photos of you all :) and the peeling paint adds that something to it all.