Monday, 11 April 2011

Ciao Bella!

Well today is the day that see's our eldest girly heading off to Italy! It's her first time abroad ( gulp!) and she is going with her school, for 8 days, to stay at the beautiful Lake Garda.

They have lots of excursions to look forward to whilst they are there including
Gardaland ( biiiig theme park!), Milan, Venice, Mount Baldo and Verona so will be kept very busy.....and no doubt come home absolutely worn out.I just hope she gets some good photos to show us ( and for me to scrap ;) )

Wishing you THE most fantastic time good, but have a blast!xxxx


  1. How lovely! Hope she has a fantastic time :)

  2. What a fantastic opportunity for your daughter... hope she has the most brilliant of hols :) My eldest daughter started holidaying abroad with her friends a few years ago... it terrified me to think of her out in the big world without me - but it's been wonderful for her! Being a mum is so difficult at times - and I hope you get through your daughters holiday without worrying too much.

  3. That's a beautiful part of the world. Would love to vivit again one day. Hope Lauren has a great time.

  4. But it was all worth it as she enjoyed it and now we have her back! xxx