Friday, 3 June 2011

Fun at The Farm and The Fair!

We have had a really lovely week off work this week with the girls. Although Lauren was a way for a few days surfing with her boyfriend and his family we have still had a couple of days with her.
On Wednesday we went to The Hop Farm in Kent. The weather was amazing, we were so lucky and we took Chloe's lovely friend with us. They had an absolute blast together.

We had a visit to The Magic Factory and tried out the various magic tricks, which were great fun!

Leah managed to skillfully levitate Chloe ;)

And then they went walking on the ceiling in one of the Magicians rooms.

After all the magic we went for a stroll with our rather fetching 3D glasses into the Great Goblin Hunt.

Do NOT feed the fish!!!!

There are several oast roundels standing magestically in the grounds of the park.

This dear little fella is one of the 2 dinky little micro pigs that are new to the farm....I know its wicked, but I cannot tell you just HOW much I fancied a bacon sarnie after we left LOL...sorry, I couldn't help myself! They even went and hid in their little hut due to heat...I think I could hear them sizzling ;)

Both the girls had a ride round on the go karts, but it was such hard work in the heat.

We headed off into one of the Oast roundels and visited the Wax Work Museum....we thought that some of the figures were a bit pants, but I particularly loved this one of Prince.

I am not sure who the guy on the left is....anyone got any ideas? I thought Cliff Richard was good though.

On the way back to the car we popped back into the Magic factory and Chloe had a go a levitating her Dad....pretty good eh!
Then it was time to go home as I had a class to teach and Lauren was on her way back from Newquay :)

On Thursday we took our girlies out to Eastbourne Seafront to the fair and they had a brilliant time on the various rides.

We also met up with up my Sister and her little ones and the girls ventured off into the Fun House.

Whilst the boys did what boys do best....and drove off into the sunset in a biiiiig truck!

Lauren finished off on this hair raising ride....rather her than me! That's her on the middle arm, sat next to the empty chair.....

so that's a couple of days out of our week....and tomorrow I have our lovely monthly crop to look forwards to.....can't wait!
I hope you all have a super weekend.
Warmest wishes

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  1. Looks like you had a great time, lots of fun! Not sure about the pig though :)