Thursday, 23 June 2011

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's off to camp she goes......

well off she WENT actually lol. Yesterday my youngest little sherbet went off on her year 6 school trip. They are visiting Blackland Farm Activity Centre for 3 days and I am sure they are having a total blast...well I hope so anyway :).

Originally the trip was going to be called off because of the was raised horrendously by the cost of the coach and meant that several of the children had to drop out after the original price was a lot higher than expected. I spoke to her lovely teacher and volunteered to drive some of the children there and some other parents agreed to off we set yesterday with a class of VERY excited children between a few cars.
Here she is just before we left....that red spotty bag is MUCH bigger than it looks in the photo and weighed a ton LOL! They had to pack such a lot of towels and clothes and all their bedding too!

There was a lot of excited chatter when we arrived and they saw the massive climbing and abseiling walls and they were going to be taking part in several activities over the days away, including kayaking, archery, zip wires, underground tunnel maze and team buliding activities ( I *wish* I was there armed with a camera!!

Anyway, needless to say I missed my lil munchkin last night :( and even switched a little lamp on in her room over night so I could pretend she was still there....soppy apeth or what!!!

We are going to collect them tomorrow afternoon....and I bet they all come home totally worn out and full of their stories of what high jinks they got up too....I CAN'T wait!!! :)


  1. Soppy apeth indeed! *lol*

    My daughter went on a DOE weekend... and although it wasn't alolowed, I made her take her phone and I called her every night to say goodnight and to make sure she was okay. She was a 15 minute drive away! *lol* I even 'accidentally' bumped into her and her group as I walked the dog on the Sunday.
    Mothers! *lol*

  2. Hope she had a fab time!
    Lianne is off to Ibiza with the girls next Friday - a week of panic for me :(

  3. Hee hee what you like..(secretly I know I'll be the same when Jamie goes next year ;) I love that red spotty bag!! Hope she has a great time, enjoy the peace xx hugs xx

  4. Hope she had a great time. Was nice for you to be able to ee where she was staying to.

  5. Sure she had a ball :) I managed to get some pics out of the school when DS1 went away once....though not easy