Friday, 10 June 2011

Off to Awards Night!

Tonight Lauren is at the Sports Award Night for her College. Last year she was chuffed to win the Basketball Contribution of the Year award....but she was absolutely thrilled to have also been voted Sports Personality of the Year :).

This year she has been Captain of the girls football team and has also been involved in the Netball and BAsketball team too, but her true love is with the Footie.
So who knows, as I am typing this post she may well have been awarded something tonight....fingers crossed :)

I know I am biased ( I AM her Mumma afterall LOL)....but I think she looks stunning! This is her new dress she chose..... it looks almost pinky but is actually called Coffee ( must have been a VERY milky one!)

The evening includes a drinks reception, photo session, award ceremony, 3 course meal, after dinner speaker, entertainment and then a disco til midnight.....I shall need matchsticks in my eyes before I go and collect her LOL>

Here she is with her smashing best friend, Jack.....we picked him up on the way to the Golf Course where is it being held

I will let you know how it all goes :)



  1. Aww how lovely, hope it all goes well :D {=}

  2. Hope she had a fab time!! Gorgeous dress Lauren!

  3. Oh, she looks so grown up :)

    Hope she had a fabulous time and won a new award?


  4. Thank you girls :). Yes she had a fabulous evening....but sadly no awards this year, but never mind :).xxx