Thursday, 19 November 2009

......and so it begins!

Yep, its officially started! Christmas that is....the last couple of days have seen me making a start on wrapping pressies and making lists of what still needs to be bought( which really is too much for the amount of money in the Christmas pressie purse!) I sat down earlier with a nice cup of tea....a festive bacon butty lol....and a bag of bits and bobs, some of which are going in stockings...oh yes and I had some Christmas music on just for good measure( well it all helps doesn't it!)

Tomorrow I am off out with my lovely hubby for the day, we are hoping to pretty much finish the pressie shopping, but to be honest I am just really looking forwards to having some one to one time with my man! So watch out Crawley, here we come!

I have also made a start on some Christmas cards. I like this one apart from her cheeks, I just CANNOT get the cheeks right and all the girls seem to end up looking like they have contracted mumps or some such nasty disease LOL!

I have discovered today that we can now get Promarkers at my most very favourite stash shop Cardinal Colours

so I am now trying my hardest to sweet talk my hubby into getting Santa to bring me this set...

What do you reckon my chances are?...............


  1. Good luck Anita getting your promarkers - I have not tried them yet - I wonder if they will be better than the derwent watercolour pencils that I currently use. I can't afford a new addiction!

    Love the Christmas card.

    Enjoy your Christmas shopping tomorrow.

  2. Fingers crossed Santa reads your blog :) Not started the wrapping yet, though the parcels are nearly got....ds1 emailed his wishlist to santa last night (Santa had emailed to ask for it lol ;)). A great card, practise with the cheeks....have to asked Karen as she is a Tilda lover and may have a trick up her sleeve :)

  3. Hi Anita
    I can't believe you're at the present wrapping stage!! Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow with your man± I like your card despite the cheeks - I think you're too hard on yourself. Good news re the Promarker pens. Must have a look see on Jill's website. xxx

  4. Thanks girls :)
    Finished nearly all the shopping now ;), but my feet are STILL killing me. It was a lot busier over there than what I expected too. Have been moving the lounge around today and sorting out lots of bits and have made space for our christmas tree :), not that its going up yet, no way, but its a job less to have to worry about......I am just off out now to Sainsburys to do some shopping....yuk!

  5. Yep doing the cheeks is the most difficult bit and I am not sure how you would do them using markers. I use a watercolour pencil and I put the tiniest spot of dark pink on and then loads of water so that it just looks like a hint of blush - but sometimes it doesn't go right and they look like a clown or if they have a raging temperature.

  6. LOL about the raging temp Karen. That card was actually done with a water brush, I think thats prob why it spread so far.....have done a couple more over the weekend and used my Promarkers and they look a lot better, thanks for the tips tho :)