Tuesday, 24 November 2009

I'm STILL buzzing!!!!!!!

Indeed I am....yes I know its probably sad that a woman of my age is still buzzing a whole day after watching a film at the cinema....but you know what? I don't care!! I honestly cannot remember the last time I felt like that after coming out from a film....unless of course it was back in 1978 after Grease LOL!(when I was just 11... ooooh now I am showing my age!!)

I swear I must have held my breath such a lot during the film yesterday, my pulse raced, my chest ached and I felt lightheaded for a fair while after coming home yesterday. I think I phoned my hubby at work and virtually physco-babbled down the phone to him LOL. Lauren is going to see it tonight with her best friend, I will be interested to see what their reaction is when I pick them up....me, well I have to mooch around the shops for a couple of hours to kill time whilst they sit and watch those magnificent examples of flesh parade about on the screen...not that I am jealous or anything......not me!!!!! Why would I be???? Afterall............. I AM GOING TO WATCH IT AGAIN TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You lucky thing Anita - I'm still trying to get hold of my sis' to find out when she is going to come with me. Yep I am still drooling, DH just shook his head at me and gave me that sad look as if to say 'there, there dear you can't help it, must be the menopause!'

  2. LOL Karen at your DH, I think mine was thinking along the same lines. Lauren and her friend came out buzzing too last night and are desperate to see it again too!