Sunday, 15 November 2009

A Taste of Things to Come......

I have been working on my class pages for January, I like to make January a Christmas layout for my ladies so that they can use their latest Christmas photos on their page. December's class is generally not a layout and this year is no different, they will be making something that they can either keep for themselves or can give away as a gift.

Anyway, back to January's classes.... I thought I would give a little sneak of a teeny bit of both of here they are.
So, now I need to start on Febs about wishing the year away LOL!
I am really not sure where this year has gone, its really flown by hasn't it! maybe its true what they say about time passing faster as you get older?!?!**!!

The weather is still atricious today, although to be fair the wind does seem to have settled down a bit now, but we are still experiencing large downfalls of the wet stuff. Hope it clears up though as I am on holiday this week...alas not going away anywhere, but just to get 3 and a half hours of extra sleep each morning by getting up at 7am will be fabulous, I have NO intention of letting go of the quilt before that.
Have a smashing


  1. Enjoy your week of lie ins Anita - I am sure you will. I am a proper bed baby and have a huge job getting out of bed in the morning especially during the winter.

    Oh you naughty little tease - I am really liking what I see with your sneak peeks. I still have last years Christmas piccies to deal with let alone this years. Looking forward to having a go at the December class too - I hope you are going to be very patient with us, it looks really fiddly LOL!

  2. Have a great break from work Anita.
    Love the look of that Christmasy LO.
    I know what you mean about wishing your life away with these projects, often work on Christmas cards in the heat of August for the magazine, difficult to feel in the right frame of mind!

  3. Enjoy your break Anita.

    Love the sneaky peek - can you include me on this one? Please? :)
    It looks really fab!

  4. Thanks for the comments girls :)
    Which one is it you like Linda? They are both christmas ones, if I know I can get the extra papers ok :)
    Oh my goodness Lynn, chrimbo cards in August!!!!!

  5. So which one is the Thursday evening class doing? I like the look of the bottom one ;-)

  6. Thats good then Karen, as thats is the one you are doing lol.

  7. Very intriguing. I love the look of that tree.

  8. very intriguing, I am sure they will be fabulous classes what ever you design :)

  9. Like both the little peeps. I don't know where you get all your inspiration from but I'm glad you do!! Although the weather hasn't been so good this week I'm sure it hasn't spoiled your break - a lie-in every day must be a luxury you well deserve. x

  10. Page looks fab from those sneeky peeks. Sorry to hear you have wind hun lol.

  11. Thanks Sarah and Liz :)

    Mellie, you Minx!!!!