Monday, 23 November 2009


Back to normal this morning, its 4.15 am and I am here with a cuppa and some toast, that can only mean one thing!! Yep, holiday over and back to work......bleaurghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Nuff said........have a good day everyone.........

.........................having said IS a gooooood day too..........because its not many hours till I get to see NEW MOON :D :D :D :D....let's hope I stay awake!!!!!


  1. I'll give you a nudge if you start snoring!!!! LOL!!!

  2. 4.15 am Anita? How on earth do you do it? I wouldn't even be able to see the computer at that time in the morning, never mind writing my blog!!

  3. Thanks for coming with me Anita - I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!!! Roll on July 2010 for Eclipse - mind you I have to go back and see New Moon a few more times and of course it will be out on DVD in March.

  4. Hello Liz and Karen :)

    Liz, I am not sure how OR why I do it lol, feeling a bit worse for wear today, still, never mind....soon be Christmas eh LOL!

    Karen, hope I didn't snore too loud lol, wasn't it just sooooooooooooo lush though!