Monday, 16 November 2009

Those twins are like Marmite........

you either love em....or hate em..... and I have to say I am in the latter of those 2 catergories! I really enjoy watching the x-Factor, yeah sure sometimes the judges get on your nerves with their remarks and fake tears but hey, thats all part of the show isn't it!And I think that there is a fair amount of talent on their this year, I don't agree each week with who gets the boot always, but then I am not in the profession, so what do I know???
But JEDWARD!!!!!! Perleeeeaaaassseee!!!!( even the name makes me think of something you could clean your toilet with or its something nasty and contagious!!) Don't get me wrong, I know they are only kids...BUT....they CANNOT sing!!!!!! Not a bit, sure they are entertaining, in a strange sort of way....They have some sort of power over you when they are on stage, you don't like them BUT you can't NOT watch them perform lol.

So when this joke was emailed to me I absolutely rolled about laughing....and thought i would share it :)

So Mellie, if you read this Hun I just want to say a big THANK YOU to you for sharing it with me, it made me laugh big time....and that can only be good right?....xxxxxxxxxx


  1. Nice one Anita!

    Yep know exactly what you mean about them - I swore after last week that I wasn't going to watch anymore but I still tuned in this week. Sad to see Jamie go but I did say on week one that he would not appeal to the normal voting demographic for this show, plus Simon did not choose the right songs for him either.

  2. Have to admit I don't watch it - EVER!
    But, love the joke x

  3. Like you Linda I don't watch it - I don't want to get caught up with it. x

  4. LOL glad you liked Anita. XXXX Have to say I hate the Marmite twins too. Get'em off I say. ;-)