Friday, 5 November 2010

Birthday Cards,Doughnut Bobbing and Fail Bake!

Hello there....I have got a few things to share with you in this post....not all good...eeeek!
Firstly I thought I really must post my mum's Birthday card that I made for her.....or rather Birthday Explosion Box Card.

Its made in basically the same way as a normal explosion box, but I have cut the corner sections off at an angle and then added flowers and a little Magnolia figure in the centre. I have seen these boxes in my travels round other blogs in the past, but i am sorry I can;t credit which ones as I never saved a link :(

Its very sparkly in real life and rather pretty( if i say so myself...hope I don;t sound big headed though lol) The flowers are all edged with Crystal Stickles and there are Stickle dots on the paper too. The little girl is coloured with Promarkers

I guess I really should have taken a photo of the box with the lid on....oh well...maybe another time.
So...onto the doughnut bobbing! This was the main evening entertainment( apart from pass the parcel LOL) the other night at my Mum's house...we popped down to see her on Sunday on her actual birthday and we took a long a couple of bags of doughnuts and long ribbons!

These were then hung from a long ribbon going from the top of the door to the top of the broom and then it was held high so the doughnuts dangled temptingly ( is that even a word??) infront of the girls. They had to try and eat the whole doughnut as fast as they could....without using their hands!

Holly was quite good at it!

I said WITHOUT using your hands Lauren!!!

Good fun was had by all.....and there was sugar EVERYWHERE!!!!!

Ok, so now we are moving onto the not so good.................Fail Bake!!!!!!!
Bet you can't guess what this is supposed to be???????????
Nope, it's not chocolate sponge triangles..........or burnt apple turn overs....... they ARE supposed to be croissants!!!!! And no...not chocolate ones at that!
Firstly i know they are totally the wrong shape for a start....yep, I forgot to roll them up.....and yep, they cooked for just an oodle too long....and no....the birds didn't like them either! At one point we had 2 seagulls with a kango hammer trying to break into them on the front grass.

Soooooo......I had another go....and followed(read) the instructions....he!he!he!
And they came out like this

so when they were cooked ( to perfection I might add) I also popped in some ham and cheese....yummy yum yum! The seagulls did NOT get any! I don't think I will give up my day job though.
......right, just going out for a little stroll up the road to see if we can see any fireworks and to take out some sparklers....Happy Bonfire Night :)


  1. I see that you have taken a leaf out of my cookbook Anita lol. I made cheese scones yesterday afternoon. dh will use them as paving slabs

  2. lol at the vision of the seagull with the hammer. Beautiful card Anita. Love the doughnut antics :)

  3. LOL Jill, I don't believe that for one minute. I know what a super cook you are. Did ya do any sausage roll??? ;).xx

  4. LOL Anita!!!! Just love your first croissants...I thought they were going to be samosas!
    Gorgeous card..very pretty!
    Love the doughnut pics..who had to clean up all the sugar though?

    Jo xx

  5. What a great idea - a new take on dunkin' doughnuts! :lol: Your second batch of croissants look so delicious - but I also thought the first batch were samosas! I fancy making a Christmas fruit cake - it would be the first time ever - and a friend said - fancy sending some through the post? I said, if it would stand up to being sent through the post, it would probably be more useful as a doorstop!

  6. Such a beautiful card I am sure your mum loved it - and to think you once said that you couldn't make cards LOL!!

    Glad the second batch of croissants turned out alright - they look delish. I never think of putting savoury fillings in them, I always have to have cherry jam in mine.

    K xx

  7. Lol! Love this post Anita, looks like you've had a lot of fun!
    Beautiful card, give Dot my love.

  8. What a great post, so much to read about. The card is just amazing, Dot must have loved it. Looks like the party was great fun all round.

  9. Love the doughnut game, our eldest has it evry year at her birhday party...and she's 14!

  10. Wow Anita, loving that exploding box card, absolutely stunning!

    I want one of those dangling doughnuts lol. I thought the first lot of croissants were samosas lol!

    Sarah x