Saturday, 12 February 2011

Craft Shows,Quilts, Doughnuts and pretty pinkies!

Hello there :) Hope you are having a nice weekend so far? I have had a fab start to mine ( even though my feet are killing me this evening lol!)
Today I have been out with my best friend and her Mum and we went to the Brighton Centre to the hobbycraft and stitches show.
So i thought I would share a few pics.....unfortunately I am a bit of a numbnuts and have posted them back to front in the wrong order LOL, never mind eh!

So, here we are at the end of our day out.....enjoying some delish Krispy Kreme doughnuts **dribbles at thought of them**. I had a Chocolate Dreamcake and Sue had a Lemon Meringue Pie one, they were absolutely delish and I was glad I had made it back to her house with them in once piece still after being on the bus.

And we were very good and thoughtful and bought one back for Dale too. I was very well controlled at the show and hardly bought a thing.

We came across a fab nail stall and they were selling these nail art pens.....superb fun! So we had a little play and are well impressed with the goods.

This one is my thumb that I did.

And here is the rest of the hand LOL, the lady on the stall did the triple flower one.

I was rather pleased with my first effort....what do you think?

I saw this gogrgeous Clock Tower on the way to the bus and it looked so beautiful against the sky and just had to take a quick snap.

There didn't seem to be much in mind for the scrappers in us at the craft show, except a few VERY old sheets of PP and lots of MS Punches. mainly the stalls were for cardmakers, needleworkers or knitters.

There was a smaller side room and this is where the more textile things were.

My lovely friend Sharon is a fab quilter, so I took these few pics for her ( Waves to Sharon :) ) hope you like them.

They really were exquisite.....all the ladies are just soooo talented. I am in awe of their patience and skills. I just would NOT have ANY idea where to start with fabrics and sewing. There were loads more, but I was suddenly made aware that apparently we were not supposed to take any photos....whoops!

this one below was just very pretty and those flowers were just beautiful.

I reckon I could do them justice on a scrapbook page....but I am no where near clever enough to make them

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekends..xx


  1. Look like you had a great day out Anita. Those quilts are amazing. The donuts look lush, can see a LO in the making there!

  2. looks like a great day, those quilts are fab!!

  3. Glad you had a good day out Anita. Those donuts do look scrummy. I had hoped to get there but didn't make it. Hey ho. I do love the quilts; I must admit I wouldn't have the patience. xxx

  4. thanks for your kind comments girls. Liz, to be honest you really didn't miss much. The show was ok, but I wouldn't bother going again if it was going to be the same. It was nice spending the day with Sue and Chris though....and the quilts were lovely, but the shopping side of it wasn't as good as I had hoped...Tina thought the same

  5. LOL at the doughnut photo - I bet that ends up on a layout soon. Good choice with your doughnut that is one of my fave flavours.

    The quilts are beautiful - shame they have a photography ban so well done on sneaking a few piccies. I went to a fabulous exhibition by the Durham quilters in Newcastle and the quilts were breathtaking and amazing works of art.

    Karen x

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