Thursday, 10 February 2011

Heartstrings, cupcakes and poorly fingers!

Hello there :)
I can show you a piccy now of what I made out of some bazill cardstock from Jill ( I didn't want to blog it until I had given it to her lol). I was totally inspired by this blog post
when I stumbled across it whilst bouncing around different blogs. Although it was easy to make it was quite time consuming, but i am happy with the results :). I made 2 different length garlands for Jill and when I left the shop today she was hanging them in her window :) ( which,by the way, looks totally fabulous with lots of lovely reds, pinks and shiny things and lovely hand made cards, layouts, jewellery and other goodness)

Some of the hearts were straight cut and others I used fancy edge scissors :)

My uber talented and very lovely Sister popped round for a visit on tuesday and bought along some more of her cupcakes for me to sample( its a tough job, but someone has to do it lol) Just feast your eyes on these little beauties....and I can assure you they tasted every bit as scrumptious as they looked. I suggested she try a cake recipe called Red Velvet....and she did!

AND i thought I had died and gone to heaven!!!! They should be made ILLEGAL, they are just utterly evil and tempting and fanblinking tastic!!!!!
She had sprinkled some edible glitter on the top, it really sparkled beautifully, but its always hard to catch a sparkle on camera isn't it.
The rose formation itself is really stunning isn't it...that is really made from just butter cream through a thin ribbon nozzle, she is so amazingly clever....I am in awe of her. It almost seemed a crime to bite into one and ruin it....but like i said...almost a crime but not quite so I totally devoured every last little morsel ( thanks Hun :) )

Monday and tuesday were quite eventful days.....Monday saw a trip to A & E with Lauren ! She was playing footie at school....with the boys....and she was in goal.....the good news is she stopped the goal going in....the bad news is.....she dislocated her thumb in the process!

So 3 hrs in A & E and in Xray and then a visit on tuesday to the fracture clinic and she is now sporting this rather slinky little black number....complete with steel rod to keep her thumb where it is supposed to be * rolls eyes*.
tuesday evening she was playing ok in a tournament though....she captains the girls team and was playing midfield, so was safe to play......
Kids eh!!!!! What can you do??????
Wamrest wishes Anita..xxxx


  1. Wow those cakes are amazing - they look delish. Hope Lauren's thumb is better soon. Must pay a visit to Jill's very soon and catch up on what she has in store.

    Karen x

  2. great garland, those cakes look amazing and very yummy. Hope it heals fast for Lauren :)

  3. Wow, wow, wow Anita - I'll bet Jill was over the moon with the hearts, they are beautiful. Those cupcakes are unbelievable aren't they? How clever is your sister - I'll bet they really tasted scrummy.
    Poor Lauren - mind you it could have been a lot worse, couldn't it? I hope it heals very quickly. xxx

  4. Wow! Anita that garland is stunning, bet that window looks great. What a super idea.

    The cakes look beautiful, such a lot of work in each one, Donna is a brill cake maker.

    How is Lauren doing now?

  5. Oh dear, poor Lauren.. hope it heals quickly.x
    And as for your garland, very lovely indeed.. you clever thing you!
    Where does Donna find the time to do her cakes, they look scrummy.. can we put an order in for next crop ? xx

  6. Wow, love the garland! You are sooo clever! Would love to see it in the window :)
    Adore the cupcakes too, well done Donna. Would love to know how to do that!
    Poor Lauren, hope she is feeling better now too :)

  7. Poor thing, hope her thumb is better soon.Dot.