Sunday, 12 June 2011

Oh I have been a BAAAAAD Mummy!!!

Oh yes I have!......and worse than that it has made me a baaaaaad scrapper too! A bit more about those 2 things in a bit though.
Today I took the girls over to Happy Endings Animal Sanctuary
It was their official opening day and it was going to be officiated by none other than the lovely Peter Andre!!!!!
Various friends of Lauren's had posted on Facebook yesterday that they had seen him in our local Weatherspoons, Costa's and down at B & Q and he was appealling on the radio for people to attend today ( he was there with his camera crew filming for his new series too). So over we toddled this morning, despite the weather being grotty....right out in the middle of the marshes, down teeny little lanes, with barely enough space for one car in places, let alone anywhere for cars to pull over to let you was a bit hairy at times I can tell you!

When we first arrived there Lauren was accosted by this pale and pasty looking fella!

We walked just round the corner and look who we saw....he is SUCH a nice guy ( not to mention kinda cute ;) )
He was there to promote the amazing work that the sanctuary do and it was just so sad to hear some of the stories of cruelty that some of the animals have been put through. These are the 2 special guys Terry Kemp and Chris Johns who have to uphold paid jobs to carry on the work that they do. Most of their wages go straight to the animals, and they have no such thing as ‘spare time’; their time is dedicated to the animals in their care, and saving more!

Now to the Baaaaad Mummy and scrapper bit.......... I took this photo below, the blonde hair and bare arm you can see belongs to Lauren, Peter stopped and was chatting with her, so I reached over the fence and snapped this shot....JUST as the girl along from me put her hand out with her mobile phone!!!! But worse than that a split second later he leant forward and KISSED lauren too.....and I MISSED it!!!!!!!! How gutted was Lauren? And how miffed was I missing a scrapping chance like that!!!!! My flipping camera didn't fire back up quick enough to grab the shot.....bugger!!!!!

I did get this shot though and he IS looking right at me :)
Do you recognise these 2 beautiful children? Yep, it's Junior and Princess.... they really are both absolutely gorgeous and were so very well behaved. They are a credit to both their parents.

Peter stood out in the arena, with the rain falling, for some time telling us all jokes and little rhymes that he and his brother had made up about the santuary whilst they were standing in the horse box....they were quite good actually.

Here is his lovely brother Micheal....he was rather cute too and very friendly. So was the puppy!

I hope that there was a shedload of money raised for what is a very, VERY good cause. Peter was genuinely lovely, as were his entourage.....and I can see why he makes his fans squeal out his name.....I had to stifle a couple of little squeals myself LOL.


  1. You have some lovely piccies Anita - just a shame you didn't get the shot that you really really wanted. You should have asked him for an action replay - I am sure Lauren wouldn't have minded ;-)

    Karen x

  2. Great photos to scrap there Anita - photoshop Lauren back into the picture :)

  3. I'm sure peter wouldn't have minded an action replay! What a pretty young lady Lauren is. Question is, are you forgiven yet Mummy?

    Looks like blogger is allowing me to comment so far today, so catching up.

  4. What a great day you had.... and at least everyone who reads your blog will know that Peter did give a kiss - even if it wasn't caught on camera.
    I can't resist those big brown eyes, luscious dark hair, brooding looks and snuffly-wuffly noses.... yes, I'm talking about the doggies *lol* Peter Andre just isn't my type really :(

  5. Fabulous shots there, shame about the one armed bandit. Looks a great day, so nice he was approachable and friendly a rare quality in celebs.